Terrain Following


Decided to work as a moderator on the floor rate? :smiley:


Utilizing the same SRM as Google Earth would be the place to start. It’s not perfect, but it has worked for me the past year with Litchi.

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Litchi plan with terrain following. Maxed at 99 waypoints. All legs run perpendicular to the slopes. #oldschoolstillworks


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I might also note that being flown with Litchi there are no missed shots. Advantage of timed shutter over calculated maybe…


That is a good data point and I was wondering about that but had not checked it. MP has an interval setting. Perhaps DD should do the same. Especially since DJI fixing the sdk may not happen for a long time, if ever.

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We can currently control speed and some camera settings so the timed shutter should be fairly easy to accommodate. The overlaps would then be calculated by the app and you can adjust your speed accordingly.

That is how I handle Litchi. I have a chart of the FOV dimensions at certain heights and can calculate the overlaps from there determined by speed. For 75% overlaps at 260ft I need to be at 18mph.

I know it is more work, but sometimes the site doesn’t fit the criteria for any of the flight plans currently available in DroneDeploy. Most obvious being terrain following and multi-directional runs.

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