Terrain Following


I tried to use this link but got 404, page not found


Looks like that link is outdated - here’s the current version: http://support.dronedeploy.com/docs/how-to-process-datasets


When flight planing is based on google earth maps, why dont DD use the altitue layer?


My use case seems to require terrain following as well. Specifically surveying steeply sloped building sites which I currently fly using LITCHI to manage the shutter on 2s intervals, while flying manually.


I need a mapping planner that can handle terrain - is it safe to say your product does not do that? most of my flights are not over remotely flat areas…


Hi @Timmy_Lassie,

DroneDeploy currently does not offer “terrain following” or “terrain awareness”. However, we are aware this is a popular request by many of our users.



thanks. i didn’t understand what’s going on. i guess its’ because my brain is becoming into a veggie because i’m sitting just home searching for pharmacy reviews because of my recent health issues… but thanks a lot! you answered my question… would you mind if i am going to have some other questions to ask? please? thank you!


Not at all, @Eirdivemong. Ask away - that’s what this community is for. :slight_smile:


Hi Christina,
Is terrain following currently in the pipeline at DD, or are there any 3rd party apps that address this feature?
Thanks CPL


Hi @cplamb,

I don’t have any news to share at the moment but announcements will be made for any new features or apps in the future on our official channels. :slight_smile:



I am frankly mystified at the lack of terrain-based flight path (altitude) adjustments. Without this feature, the software is rendered pretty much useless except on the flattest of sites. When is this feature coming?


If you fly terrain with large elevation deltas I would suggest using Litchi until DroneDeploy has the solution. Litchi is not very expensive for the functionality you get. The missions I use it for are planned on a PC and pulled up on the iPad. Basically you just use Google Earth pro to create an elevated path at a constant distance above ground and import a KML of that into Litchi. Very handy and keeps your resolution on your targets consistent throughout the flight.


Hello all,

Many of you will be glad to hear we are in the early stages on development of a Terrain Aware flight planning feature. We’d like to offer early ‘beta’ access to those of you who are interested in giving feedback on both the interface and performance.

If you are interested in this feature and contributing to field testing, please sign up here for more information:
DroneDeploy Terrain Aware Flight Planning (beta) Sign up



map pilot in iOS only. But the map doesn’t work in China.


I need something like this FREQUENTLY - yes please implement


Hi all
What is the status of this feature? Is it still in BETA?


Hi @martinhaemmerli,

We don’t have any news or updates to share at the moment about this feature.



Thanks for reaching out. This app is still in Beta mode. Please use the sign up sheet to learn more!


@Yusuf I think you are responding to a spam post. (More coffee) :wink: