Terrin awareness

The last time I tried to use the Terrain awareness with Dronedeploy it didn’t work in my part of the world. (Sweden). The height maps were totally off. Later I got to know that this is not working in Sweden due to whatever reasons and I was told NOT to use it…
I had a request on doing a capture for a 3D over a down hill slope. This would be SOO easy compared to slice the slope in 30-meter slices and do them downwards starting at 30 meters height…

Does anyone know if this has been solved yet? Or are there any other solutions out there that could help me? The only one I know of is that DronessmadeEasy (DME) are claiming to have this solution but their app is only available for iOS. Has anyone tried their Terrain awareness? Result?
If DME:s solution works as it seems the easiest solution might be to buy a iOS-pad instead of not knowing when DD is going to solve the bug or whatever problem they’re having.

EDIT: Just found out that DME:s Terrain awareness is not working where I live (67° north). See Terrain Awareness – Drones Made Easy which leaves me without options as it seems…

Rgds Roger

I would look at Litchi to see if the Google Earth srtm they use has decent coverage. Even if it doesn’t and you know the terrain you can set the waypoints to increase or decrease in altitude manually. I know it’s a little more work up front, but once you’ve done it you have it. I think I’ve shared my examples on here a few times.

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Thanks, @MichaelL. Always clear and crisp replies. You are helping us a lot in here!
I’ll have to look further into Litchi. Let’s hope it works where I live, 67° north. I think. Is it available for Android as well?

If the software is good and only available for Apple stuff I don’t mind buying me an iPad to get the job done.

Damn how I regret bying a Mavic 2 Enterprise the last summer. I should have saved the money, allowed them to grow a while, and bought myself a RTK P4 instead… Afaik this would have solved the problem…

Litchi is on Android as well and also has a web interface for planning.

I M2E is just fine. Be aware of going to a P4RTK is going to be very limited on flight software. The P4RTK is not compatible with Litchi unless they have introduced that for the SDK controller. That would be a good question to ask them.

Sorry for not replying. I just have to try Litchi. Years ago I read lots about “Fly aways” using Litchi.