Map Engine results

After some trials with standard DroneDeploy flights, I observed that some high structures were not painted accurately.
With the possiblility of using Map Engine I planned a flight with 3 different orbits, at 22, 35 and 48 meters high, with my P3 Pro in timelapse mode, automatically taking 1 picture each 5 seconds.
The results have much improved, and now I know that the trick is to plan a different flight for each different structure you want to paint.

Here is the preliminary flight

I have a couple of other threads on here experimenting with this and I’ve found, as I’m guessing you have, that whilst this is an improvement there is still room for more. I have found the 5 second restriction imposed in DJI pilot is far too long and inefficient so I’m using another method of running orbits and point-to-point lines at multiple heights with the camera at 45 deg - 90 deg and taking high-overlap shots every 2 seconds (which is as fast as the SD card can go). This gives much better results, as one would expect, but I’m still struggling to pull out detail under large overhangs, so I’m still experimenting with this a little. Nice job, though!

@rogerpearson Thank you very much for your comments.
I am trying to get better vertical detail in my 3D models, avoiding the weeping willow effect. I agree with you in that the 5-second continuous shot is not what we need.
If you give some guide to an alternate method of running orbits I will make some tests.

I’ve posted a new thread that might help, here

In this case I used AFL for the orbits on a 2 second camera. That is as quick as the SD card allows, so I keep the speed down around 6kts and that gives a high overlap.