More accuracy

Please make the Location pin elevation accuracy to the hundredth of a foot and hundredth of a second. Easier than using the distance annotation to verify.




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Hi @MichaelL!

Thank you for letting us know that this would be valuable to you - I’m sure others would find it useful as well.

Support has regular meetings with each Product manager, and I’ve added this thread as a request in the notes for our next meeting with Analysis.

Have a great day!

(PS - Anyone else reading this - a comment does sort of wind up equalling a vote!) :grinning:

Thanks Adam!. The coordinates are a bigger deal, but it’s nice to have the quick reference of a pin to the hundredths of a foot because I can click it once and just move it around. Also, I like to mark my ground control points so that others can see them and it’s more confidence when it’s that close to the hundredth.

Absolutely, Michael! I’ll also add for a more visible and shareable GCP map feature request - I’ve seen this asked for here and there.

A little trick others may not know about is if you visit your GCP link after processing, and click ‘Redo’ without clicking on anything else, you’ll see your GCP map.

Yes sir! I think I had a feature request to see the gcps on the map as you do just after you’ve uploaded the coordinates. Also it would be nice to have a report that actually shows the coordinates and elevation. Been there.

Bumping for more accurate GCP coordinates on the Location Annotation as well as adding the elevation to the hundredth of a foot. 700.01’…

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Bumping again. This seems like a pretty easy fix? @Andrew_Fraser

@MichaelL - agree we should be consistent. However I do worry about giving folks a false sense of accuracy, While we can measure to 100th, the data in real terms is likely no better than 0.1ft. 1" Accuracy is on the limit of possible with photogrammetry at flight altitude. 2xGSD bast case is rule of thumb with perfect process.

I’m going to have to disagree on this one because when you are surfaces such as roadways, concrete Paving and foundations 0.05’ is easily definable. While the absolute accuracy of that might not be the case the relative accuracy of the surrounding surface is particularly when annotating elevation critical items, ground control points and checkpoints.


I would like to see this also

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Bumping again. We need 6 places on the latitude and longitude of the Location annotation in order to derive a coordinate that is sub-foot accurate. As it stands now at 4 places we are only getting to about 3ft. @Jamespipe

Thanks for the feedback. I have increased number of decimal places on location markers to 7 Decimal Places (from 5DP), this is equivalent to 1.1cm precision at the equator and represents the highest possible accuracy you could realistically annotate on our maps using the web tools using GCPs and high resolution images.

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That’s awesome! This will be particularly helpful when creating rough GCP’s in the effort to make maps that are cm accuracy relative to each other when absolute accuracy or accuracy relevant to an external source is not required and then we don’t have to work with a 3rd party program like QGIS. Thank you!

Just an example of what we can do with better coordinates. The right side is the GCP file I made for a friend in QGIS.


Awesome feature! I just processed a new map and have found that the readout is only down to .1ft for elevations again. It was .01ft just the other day. Any ideas?

I’m pretty sure the location pin has always been tenths, but we could get hundredths from the distance anno. Now it seems that since the distance anno got upgraded to multipoint support that it is showing tenths as well?

Sorry folks - now resolved - we now give 2DP everywhere so 0.01m, or 0.01ft


A man on fire! Thanks James!