Elevation Issues

I’ve been mapping a large area in multiple sections, then stitching them together. There is a fairly substantial amount of elevation change in the area that I’m mapping. I’m not using GCPs for this project, but for the most part I’ve had good luck getting everything to line up (i.e. sections blend together well, no issues when viewing final model). Now all of a sudden with my last few sections I’ve been having a hard time getting the sections to align. There are huge gaps between each section… can anyone tell me what I’m doing wrong? Did I just accidentally bump the ‘flight altitude’ toggle, or is there something else going on

[Attached screenshots of the issue displayed in ‘model’ view.]


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Good to see you back. Has this happened several times? Have you tried another project or just a test? Maybe try to reprocess and have DroneDeploy look at it? Gcps would definitely help but it shouldn’t be this bad regardless. You can expect up to a 3m shift between flights if you are changing locations and not using GCP’s. Drone deploy has a tool in their algorithm that tries to align future Maps with the original one but it doesn’t always work that well.

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