Terrain Awareness

It’s finally here. I posted on another thread to close it out, but let’s start talking about experiences whether they are good or more importantly bad.

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Were you able to see a terrain awareness dialogue in your drone deploy app, I can see it to create the flight plan on the desktop but I don’t see anything in the app itself yet?

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Yes, but this only works in iOS as of now.

OK thank you, I looked around the fact page to see if that was the case and didn’t see that tid bit.

@Andrew_Fraser, fyi in case this is supposed to work on Android. I am assuming not yet, but it may need to be documented for those that actually go look. It doesn’t appear to be on support.

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@MichaelL You are correct - Terrain Awareness can only be flown with the iOS app at this time. Thanks for surfacing the support article - we will update to reflect.

The DroneDeploy Android app will get this and other upgrades this year.

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I’m hurry for it to be on androïd :slight_smile: