Terrain Following

Terrain Following probably involves way more than what i require, in my last mapping i was in an uneven terrain (in the south of Spain there is a lot of plantations on hills) i was very very scared the whole time i set the altitude wrong and i was going to smash into a mountain or something. it would be nice if we could setup the altitude per point or even better load terrain data and have the waypoints be auto adjusted to always be at the desired altitude taking into account the actual terrain (this will be the ideal solution to keep all the map resolution the same.)


We did previously have a way to adjust the waypoints automatically based on the terrain. I’ll add this to our list because I think a lot of people have needed something like this occasionally.


Yes please! Mapping mountainous terrain (or at least terrain of varying elevations) is perhaps the primary use case for most users in getting preliminary survey data from a site.


It would also be great for flying crops in hilly terrain. Would it be more accurate to fly an initial mission to capture the 3D map and then use the resulting map to guide the crop mapping flights? Is it accurate enough?


I ran my inspire right into the mountain the other day, i thought 250’ was plenty, i was wrong, it survived fine but it was the same thing, I need a way to set up my mission fly with a couple different altitudes

I do it by setting up several different missions. But then they are on different maps, so it’s not a great solution. What would be great is to allow a “master” map to be defined but not flown. This master map would allow pics to be uploaded, even though it hasn’t been flown. So then you could upload all the pics from your individual missions to get a master render. Maybe that’s a great feature request.

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@erkq you can do this currently using Map Engine:

  1. Plan multiple flights on desktop or straight from mobile app
  2. Upload all the flight images to one Map Engine map - they’ll be combined into one map as long as theyre within the same area.

I’ll check if your account has Map Engine already and add it if not.

Thanks for the feedback @Mattragan and @dantebertana !

I can’t add pics to the “master” map unless the map has been sync’d AND flown. Map Engine solves that? I’ll remove my (just posted) feature request if so.

If the images are on your SD card after the flight, you can upload them to Map Engine using these instructions :


To clarify- this means you wouldn’t be uploading to those synched flights, but rather to one Map Engine session with multiple flights combined into one upload.

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Thank you. Pics uploading as I type. Great feature!
BTW… I live just a few miles from Goat Rock.

Awesome- let us know how it comes out.

and lucky you :slight_smile: Really beautiful area.

Map Engine has not successfully stitched a map for me with any consistency. I believe in it though and cant wait for it to work right. I also would like to pre plan a large area that could be flown over the course of a couple days but upload the photos as I capture them instead of all at once. Thank you.

Earlier today we were just chatting about how nice your NDVI Inspire map came out:


Is there something wrong with this map?

We saw many other maps which seemed to come out nicely. Do you have an example where there has been a problem we can look at?



@chasemgray I’m sorry, I should clarify. When I run a mission that has been “Synced” or planned on site and there is a “smart survey” to upload to, I have had success and the maps look great. However, when I run a mission in Map Engine alone I have had little success. The Map Engine most often has left chunks of the map unrendered.

Map Engine has Worked:
https://www.dronedeploy.com/app/data?planId=564b843731ff9a05652f8d1c (minor defects)

Map Engine has Pretty Much Worked:

Map Engine has Not Worked:

I have also erased a few that were not fruitful.

In both of the examples that I have marked Not Worked, the “Projection” and “camera roll” show that quality pics exist.

I hope this is a better explanation. Thanks

That’s useful. I’ll pass that along to the team to look at to see what went wrong.

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Thanks @chasemgray. I look forward to understanding more about this product.

Any update on this the availibility feature. Would have been nice a few days ago. I was flying lower than I normally do due to environmental constraints and had issues with the high points of my maps not stitching at times due to the overlap getting messed up.

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I would like to modify my Inspire X3 to NDVI which is not so hard but got stuck on the decision whether I should get the Blue or RED filter… I found some confusing articles on the net trying to explain but probably due to my rusted english (not native) I do not get the point and I am really confused now. I would like to NDVI fly over golf courses, crops and other green vegetation. could someone help me out that is more into the topic and understands what I should use and could maybe explain the why blue or rather red filter should be used.

@anthonyjdipasqua, if you could maybe give me more insight - share one of your maps - and maybe be able to explain what you use (I also use an Inspire1) then I would probably be more likely to make a good choice on which lens I need. I found a shop in California (http://www.peauproductions.com/collections/dji-inspire-1-x3-lenses/products/gp43528) - next to the lens you have a drop down where one can choose from red or blue or other filters.

any help and advice is greatly appreciated.

Thank you
cheers from Hungary

I agree with this request. Lots of elevation changes here in Panamá.

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