iOS Beta is finally here!

Hi all,

We’re very pleased to announce that the time is finally here for us to start beta testing the DroneDeploy iOS app.

As with our other beta’s, please fill out the form here:

Please expect the rollout to be slow, so you won’t be immediately accepted, and it will be a little more painful this time due to the iOS release process (external releases, even with TestFlight need to be reviewed by Apple).

Looking forward to your feedback, and as always - Happy Mapping!

Jono + the rest of the DroneDeploy team.


Registered, received invitation, accepted, shows up in TestFlight but as Unavailable, so cannot install? (I’ve removed the very old version I had)

I think test flight approvals were running slower probably due to thanksgiving. Hope it is in today.

Registered and waiting. I hope you can send me an invitation quickly.

Keep up the good work.

Jono, thanks for the registration link. I registered a few days ago and have yet to receive an invitation. I hope to receive it soon, I’m excited to start testing soon!


i am egistered and i wait. your invitation link for ios

good work.

Looking forward to trying this out on iOS, have had a bit of fun with the Android version already. :smile:

Tried just now. Never could connect to the Inspire X5.
Simulator would trigger if on, but nothing other than that. …and yes, i know about the multi and the p-f switch.

Thanks for all of the progress guys. Looking forward to flying it.

X5 will be in next few weeks.

Registered, installed and took it for a spin mapping a few locations today with the P3. Overall, works as advertised. Came across a couple of bugs, but nothing that was a showstopper.

Here’s a couple of the resulting maps:

Treasure Island 1
Treasure Island 2

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Thanks for the invite.

Installed and did what it said of roughly 44 acres of a local school and its sports fields. I did three flights compileing 131 photos, each flight with out a hitch. Manually uploaded from my slow laptop.

Processing took roughly 2 1/2 hours. Sent to survey office for them to critique.

I think it was rather uneventful and painless unlike the Android Beta which seemed to be very troublesome. Will attempt more soon.

I see that the accuracy is 5cm/px, can this be enhanced closer to 2cm?

Here is one example

All of it!

I have been involved in too many things lately for me to either read through or remember certain steps.

so how can I share my results or are they already publicly available to the other beta members.

I am not sure if this function works in the ios beta, but it has not worked for me…once I plan a mission from the dashboard it does not transfer to the app. I have only been able to plan mission on the app.

The data has to be manually uploaded (which I vaugly think I remember as so for the Beta ios)

Thanks for any answers or thoughts.

Where / how do we get the iOS app?

I got the email saying I’m in but no App details?

There should be a link in the app to accept the invite. Then you download test flight from the App Store. It should be available to you to download in the test flight app.

Ahh ok, so I need to jump back into the android app hit the link then move to iOS?

You should have received a link in your email that you signed up for the iOS beta with.

hi @Tedolan - the sharing options are listed here:
(#4 will let you share as ekai did above)

I had the same problem with the iOS Beta. The pre-planned, desktop mission will not sync in the field. All my missions have to be manually loaded at the site.
Also, a little off subject, today DJI released V1.5.0.30 for the Inspire. Are we cleared to update this FW?
Thanks. PV

Haven’t tested the new inspire firmware yet, but my first guess is it is similar to the new phantom one. We will post here once we run a test today.