New iOS Beta app/Unable to fly mission

Hi guys. Took my Inspire 1 Pro out today to test the new iOS App with new UI. I love the layout of the new UI on the app. I did run into a problem and never got off the ground. I made several flight plans, tried several startup procedures and held my tongue just right but still ran into an error message each time the checklist ran. The check list always stopped at the check for waypoints and I got the message " Some adjacent waypoints are too far apart, reduce size". I kept reducing the size of my target area until it was so small, the processed map would be from only 3 or 4 photos. I’m not sure it is because I was using the x5 camera or not but I will try the x3 camera tomorrow and see if this makes a difference. I also loved the ability to rotate the flight paths to meet my needs!! Super job. I also like the ability to manually adjust the camera settings to my liking. Another super job. Thanks for your time.

Thanks for the feedback. I’ll run a few missions with our X5 to check if something is going wrong.

Thanks Dale! Appreciate the feedback - sorry to hear you had these issues!