Inspire 1 Pro X5 Overlap failures kills processing

I flown a few flights and have not been successful in a few things

  1. in in the processing of my maps I fly a Inspire 1 Pro X5 camera I have been told to increase to over 65% as a known bug so I went to 80% and still getting failures after 4 flights from not enough overlap.

  2. when starting the app and connecting to the bird you have to shut the bird down and start the upload then seems to far every time I have flown this happens

3.I also see that we lost the battery indicator which is very much needed

  1. When you launch the simulator and get to your mission it shows home point and map until you launch then everything is gone. till you close the app .

IOS MiniAir 2

Really hope the bugs get ironed out soon


I was just looking at your logs earlier today. The version that is waiting approval in test flight should fix your problems. This version should be in the app store later next week. If you don’t have test flight access you can ask Neema in support for it. Usually takes half a day or so for approval.

This was worse by many factors.
Firstly I know the speed has got to be better all I could get was 4mph while doing the map. Not going to work take all day to fly to do a simple map!!

And that was after multiple restarting of the App and Inspire 1. I would say @ least 10 times. Had to stop because of battery low and brought it back changed out battery went to resume started to fly to point it left off and camera was pointing at the horizon. Had 93 pictures on the card and it was barking about syncing.

Not pleased yet to say the least.

Thanks for working with me

The slower speed is due to the 2.5 times slower capture rate we can do with the X5. DJI has told us they are working on a fix for that. Should be improved soon hopefully.

What is your overlap like? You should probably set it to around 60-65

I forgot to change overlap back still set @ 80. I will change back to 65 what should my other setting be set @

You can start with 65 frontlap and 55-60 sidelap. If you end up having trouble stitching some areas you can push it up a bit.

@chasemgray Do you have recommendations for X5 mapping using the Olympus 12mm lens? Can I set overlap to some % for ideal overlap when using the wider lens, or does it auto detect the lens and do the right thing?

We don’t detect the lens at the moment. We only have the support for the default lens. If you want to fly with a different one you would need to adjust the overlap, disable the auto camera settings, set the focus to infinite before taking off, and since auto settings are off you’ll need to also set white balance, shutter, ISO, and aperture before taking off.

As more people use the X5 we will have some more support for the other lenses.

Has there been any update for the flight speed of the Inspire 1 Pro? I did some testing yesterday at different altitudes and overlaps. Flight speed varied between 6mph and 9mph. I can’t cover much ground at that speed.

What overlap values do you have set and what altitude are you flying at?

I tried many yesterday. Alt 150, Overlap 65/55, Speed 6mph. Alt 200, Overlap 60/55, Speed 9mph. Alt 250, Overlap 65/55, Speed 9mph. Alt 200, Overlap 65/60, Speed 7mph. I was previously flying a 65/75 or 70/80. I read your suggestions in this string and tried lower overlaps yesterday.

It’s going to go a little bit faster the higher you fly because the area it can see is larger. I’ve spoken with DJI and they said the change to increase the X5 capture rate didn’t make it into the last firmware update. Hoping it gets improved soon.

Thank you. So to be clear, the issue is the capture rate of the camera which DJI will hopefully solve with their next firmware update.

Yes, we are limited to once every 5 seconds instead of once every 2 seconds that we have on the other cameras.

Good stuff, thanks. Will the automatic speed feature continue in the Dronedeploy app or will there be a user defined speed option in future versions?

A lot of people want a max speed option. This also makes sense if a user is setting their own camera settings. We have this planned out in our new UI being worked on. I’m not sure if it will make it in the old UI but either way hopefully coming very soon.

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I’ve had to utilize another mapping app to make the Inspire 1 Pro fly with any speed to map. I just did a test to see if the problems had been fixed and the Inspire is still flying at 5mph mapping through the Dronedeploy map. Any updates and this problem and the fix?

Yes, DJI let us know they updated the firmware when the osmo adapter was released. We’re preparing the release to let users take advantage of this soon.

I also have the Inspire 1 Pro and at 300 to 400 feet I got a top speed of 9mph. Doing a survey of 135 acres will take 166 minutes which is totally unacceptable. The same survey with my Phantom 3 Advanced at 268 feet will take 27 minutes. As of the last post here (April 21st) a release was in the works, now over a month later is it out or will be by when???