Inspire 1 X5 Map Failures

Has anyone had any success with a Inspire 1 Pro X5 ?? I have tried so many settings and overlaps and still have not gotten a successful map, seems I have plenty of overlap but still fails, Very frustrating trying to get this bird to map along with the time it takes to map 7 acres was going to take 4 batteries and 55 mins to complete not good as this was just 2 acres and it took 2 batteries and 25mins. It has got to get better than this :frowning:

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Same here, Ronk.

My images are even shifted so they appear in portrait format and there is no chance at all to overlap between lines.

Further, my account and the projects declare to having still inspire x3 camera although I am using the x5. Further, I am using two m.zuiko lenses which are officially supported by DJI.

Sad :frowning:

I think the issues with your overlap are due to using a different lens. We only support the DJI 15 mm at the moment. More will come soon.
If you pre plan on the desktop I think there is a bug that says the camera is DJI X3 but it will still correctly plan when you are in the field.

Made a small map last weekend with my X5 - like chase said I am using the DJI lens.

The edge images towards the bottom are a bit blurry but the meat in the middle is good. These were taken with the auto-focus settings on.

Only odd thing that happened was that I had to point the camera down in dji go first.