Inspire 2 X5S issues


I’ve just tried my first map at home with my new Inspire 2. I have had successful missions with DD and my Mavic, but the mission with the I2 was a failure. I’m hoping someone could shed some light as to what may have gone wrong.

Here are the settings I had - X5S physical AF switch set to Auto, DD Map settings were: 45m flight altitude, obstacle avoidance toggle on, 75% sidelap, 75% frontlap, max flight speed 15m/s. set exposure and focus manually in DJI Go both toggled on.

The mission calculated that for this 5 hectare map, it would have taken around 17 mins, and around 280 or so images with a GSD resolution of 1.3cm/px (which sounded a bit high). Now, being used to mapping with the Mavic, I took off and went up to 45m in the DJI Go app, set my camera settings and focus manually as usual, came down and landed and with the I2 still on I switched to the DD app, loaded the map and off it went.
Once finished and checking the images on my desktop - all images are blurry and out of focus. I also noticed that now when I load the map in DD on my mobile, it seems the parameters are different. It now estimates 459 images, a resolution of 1cm/px, and only around 13 mins flight.

The strange thing is that in my actual flight, the flight speed seemed to be set at 4m/s as that’s all it would travel at, occasionally hit 5m/s. Even though 15m/s is set as the max speed. The winds were moderate as well. Also, I ended up with 318 images.

I had the camera set to Shutter Priority, shutter being at 1/800, ISO 100, and aperture was initially at 3.2. focus was sharp in DJI Go, but gone after the DD mission.

Should I let DD set the exposure and focus automatically in the app? what settings do you guys use?

Thanks in advance.
Regards, Kev.

Hi @Kevieboy,

Thanks for swinging by the Forum! I’m sorry to hear you noticed focus issues on your X5S camera. I’m curious to know which lens are you using with the X5S? I ask because there is a known focus issue with the 12mm lens and we are working to resolve it in the next app release. Can you please confirm if you are working with that lens?

Thank you,

I would definitely try to set everything manual first in Go 4 app, manual focus in particular. With aperture at around 5.6 and 1/800 shutter speed you should get every image crispy sharp.

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What lens do you recommend with the X5S Matthew ? (and what altitude with overlap #s)