Focus, blur with DJI Inspire 1pro X5 approved lenses

Hi DD,

I have read that several guys have issues with their inspire 1pro and x5. Images are off focus.
So we tried to find a solution for that at
Our of focus…
Another focus topic
Great discussion here…
Comptibal cams

But if I didn’t overlook a line, none of teh discussion had a clear statement, why our picture are blured (reason) and how to adjust the inspire to avoid (solution).

We tried to adjust the focus with dji go app, while the inspire was in air, but then DD didn’t start to capture image. But when DJI Go is turned of, DD doesn’t initiate an autofocus setup. Due to the winter weather our inspire decided to use an aperture of 1,4 (lense was set on automatic) at 1/200.

Here are the details of our images:
Color: sRGB
Mode: Auto
Timing: 1/200
Aperture: 1,7
Focus: 15
ISO: 306
Lens: DJI MFT 15mm F1.7 ASPH
Pixel X-: 4.608
Pixel Y-: 3.456
Shutter: 1/200

See the result

Would someone explain us the correct way to adjust DD and x5 to avoid such useless images?



Hello there,

DroneDeploy is aware of this issue and is actively working on an update that should be released after the Holidays. Sorry about this and thank you for your patience.

Hi there,

good to here you are working on it. Had several test flights today. Since we are test pilots and do risk assessments, here are some key learnings for your team:

  1. When there are firmware files on root of the SD card (after update) DD doesn’t capture images.
  2. When session has stopped due tolow batterie and you restart without closing the app, data is loaded quickly, camera doesn’t engage. A complete stop and restart is needed when batterie is changed.
  3. When RTH is engaged and pilot touches accidentally or on purpose the controls, camera lense is not pitched back to 0° and runs lense forward toward ground and most likely into grass, while normally the lense pitches up.
  4. Focus must be adjusted manually before using DD and due to flight altitude planned. MF mode is best to avoid changes. Mode auto or aperture was tested ok, image ar not reaching to normal quality when automatic mode is engaged with DD.
  5. With X5 default 60% overlap and 70% forward, 3D stitching results in a image with gaps.

Setup: Inspire 1pro,X5 15mm default lense, IPAD 3 WIFI 64GB, IOS10 - all system on latest firmware.

Thank you, I’m adding this to our feedback log so the team is aware. Happy Holidays.

Hi all, I posted in another thread on the same topic also. Do you know when this might be released? I am planning missions for work coming up in the new year so it would be good to plan these around a date when I know this particular issue will be rectified. In the meantime I will set the ‘tap to focus’ setting for one of the buttons on the remote as a work around, which I hope will work.


Thank you for that helpful feedback. The team is well aware of the issue and it is a top priority for them to fix it. Definitely January and earlier in the month.

Hey @Copterview this is great feedback. I’ve passed this along to the team and we are doing some investigation of our own. Hope to have some fixes soon if possible.

Hi @all,

I can offer you some consulting how to bypass current issues.

  1. You want to turn your Autofocus OFF when using dronedeploy (or any other tool out there) when using a X5 since no tool can handle an continuous autofocus yet. To turn off autofocus switch to MF directly at the lense. This guarantees you overwrite the any software settings.

  2. Further you need to make sure that your aperture setting (at the lense) is on automatic. It would be best to use 8 or above but you want to use a fairly high shutter rate (to avoid blurs) and a low ISO. So if you capture a forest in winter, light is too low for a fix aperture of 8 without the risk of distortion or blur.

  3. Manually focus to ∞. The x5’s 15mm standard dji will be sharp from 20m onwards at an aperture of f=8 (why? see

If you need further details get in touch with a DM.

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Any update on this issue?

We’ve added a some improvements to focusing and are working on a few more improvements coming soon. Try the latest app. It might still have issues sometimes though.

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