Out of Focus Pics and False GPS Exit Data

I made today my first missions with my Inspire Pro X5. The flight worked without any issues. But all pics were completely out of focus. I tried it with turn on “disable auto camera settings” but then all pics went black. The second problem i had was that the mapping tool match the pics on 400 meters above ground but they were taken 75 meter above ground. so the stiching was really bad.

Can anyone help me? How can I fix this?

thanks for your help

Was this on iOS or android? We don’t have the disable camera settings option on iOS yet. On android we don’t fully support the X5 yet

It was on iOS. First they were out of focus. Then i went to the DJI Go app and made the lense to disable auto focus. After that i startet the drone on the DroneDeploy app.

Today i made new test. Now the pics are perfect focused. Yesterday I used the Olympus Zuiko 12mm with that lens it did not work, today i took the shots with de DJI MT 15mm and it worked perfectly.

But the GPS Exit Data is still wrong. The pics are still 400 meters above ground but they were taken 60 meters above ground.

We’ve seen the exit data is incorrect for photos with the X5. It should still stitch with dronedeploy and if you have a problem make sure to message support. We have mentioned this to DJI and hopefully they are working on a fix.

It makes sense that a different lens it wasn’t in focus. Our current focus values come from using the default lens. We will support more in the near future.

Recently had a similar with an inspire 1 Pro using the ios app except was just using the DJI lens that came with the X5. Mapped the same area three times and all of the shots were blurry. I should mention that I had done a previous flight (about two weeks ago) before the most recent ios app update, where the pictures were all crystal clear. I flew the most recent flights with the “disable auto camera settings” toggle switch both on and off to see if that was the problem. Additionally, I even made sure the camera was in focus prior to takeoff each time. Please let me know if I may have done something to cause this issue or what I should do to possibly remedy the problem. Thanks, Zac.

We just released a new version fixing this. Should be on test flight in the next hour.

Did this get resolved, if so, how? I just got back from Colorado where I shot for 5 days and 1/2 the time the x5 worked and the other 1/2 was out of focus and had trouble with DD connecting in the field for missions that were previously loaded! Akkk! I got great video with the Inspire/X5 running the DJI app.

Hi all, does anyone know if this has been fully resolved now? I have had the same issue but fairly recently (earlier this month). I’ll be doing another mission this week so will see if it is sorted. I was advised of a workaround to change one of the control buttons to be ‘tap to focus’ i.e. the same as you would get if you tap the screen in the DJI app.

We added an improvement for this and are working on a few more. It seems that some users focus their camera in DJI Go and then switch back to dronedeploy before starting the mission in order to make sure it’s focused.

Have there been any developments on this issue? I am using a Matrice 600 Pro and a X5 and still have this issue occasionally. It seems to be an inconsistent issue that’s independent from whether the “Disable auto camera settings” is on or off.

If you disable the auto camera settings drone deploy should do nothing with your camera settings. You are going to have to set it to infinite focus before your flight.