Inspire 1 Mission Aborts due to focus calibration failure

Hello all

Used DD for over 600 missions with Mavic and phantom 4pros but just aquired an Inspire 1 Pro

It has the X5 camera and the 15m lens

Went out today for a test and the mission failed (aborted) with an RTH. The message was ‘Focus Calibration Failed’

The camera was on autofocus at the camera body, so i selected manual and set DD to let GO manage the focus and set the focus to infinity in GO

But the images seem a little out of focus: not the crispness I was expecting.

Am I doing something wrong???\



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I hope you find a solution. My Phantoms (p4a and p4p) give me that error every time when initializing. I tried manual and auto focus. I leave it on AFC and tell it to ignore the error.

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What’s your equipment and software versions?

Hi all thanks for replies

The errors are on p4pros and also on inspire. Last time out the inspire just froze on ‘initialing drone’ 4 times. Had to change the battery restart the app, restart controller, reload missions

frustrating wait and unnecessary

I’m using:
DroneDeploy version 4.25.0-4.25.0
DJI Go 4 version 4.3.38
I was using an iPhone 7 and an iPad mini 4
Now I’m using an iPhone XS and an iPad mini 5.

It was doing it on both versions of the phone and mini iPads . The DD app also has trouble starting up and I have restart the app to get it to work.

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Somewhat related to this thread re DD focussing error at the start of a mission (it would return to home).

Mavic Pro
Latest iPad and DD software
Flying in desert climate (45C in shade)
SD card: San Disk Extreme Pro (formatted in Go4 in device) 128GB
Flying offline (remote)

It took a bit to troubleshoot. At the beginning thought related to offline flight. Reason being I had newly bought 2 SanDisk extreme Pro SD cards for the trip. And I’d tested them prior to the trip in the park and no error. The error of focusing would pop up after some autonomous flights. The drone would fly to the start, then after taking the first pic, error msg and then RTH. Others had suggested replacing / reformatting the SD card. So what we did was replace one card with another which gave the same problem which threw us of the trail of being SD card related. Fortunately I had brought with me additional SD cards and after I must admit ‘giving up’ and flying ,manually, I swapped the SD card for a RUGGED Pro master 64GB and presto, problem solved during autonomous flights. Maybe it was the hot environment but mental note to self to check if the focus is simply related to the read/write nature, size, or brand of SD card. Hopefully someone out there might be able to shine a more technical reason for the difference in read/write SD behavior I experienced to avoid it happening next time.

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I fly wit the SanDisk Extreme Pro MicroSDs all the time, they are formatted before each use, however with DD, there is a catch. Turns out DD wants to see a directory structure in place before using the MicroSD. So before doing a DD flight/mission, simply go into Go4, Litchi, any other app, snap a photo while on the ground, shutdown the app, launch DD and DD should be able to use the MicroSD.

Thanks for the reply. It happened again today with a sd card used before. Samsung 128gb EVO. It was ahead of continuing the mission after a battery changeout. Tried taking a photo in DJI4 and reopening
Restarting apps.
Couldn’t get the camera to focus in DJI4, switch from AF to MF
What I had to do was switch out the SD card for a new one and away it went. There was a problem in DD where it didn’t recognise where it had paused the mission.

We use clean formatted cards from Windows all the time and don’t have any issues.

Same here, use SanDisk Extreme Pro’s win fmt before each use, however in the past ran into an issue where solution was to snap a photo using Go4, then DD was happy. Its possible that issue has been fixed over the past several months making room for something else to break, or, at least on droid ;).

Haha, there’s a little clue. The Droid version and have an issue with the camera test shot a while back but same here I don’t know if anything ever became of it or if it just went away.

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Lol, yup, if its a DD bug, issue or problem its probably tied to a droid issue or limitation, even if it is an ios issue :wink: . Will test to see if the microsd card needing to have a file/folder/dir structure on it issue is/was fixed when get a chance.

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