DJI Inspire 2

Is it safe now to fly with the DJI Inspire 2 X5S ?, all the bugs are gone?

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Vincent Lublink

Hi Vincent, last I heard, there was still an issue with the X5S. I’ll check right now and see if that has been resolved.

Did you have the answer?

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Hi Vincent, unfortunately not much has changed since yesterday. The team is working through it. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Hi Kara,

Already posible to fly with the DJI Inspire 2 and the X5S camera on it?

Hi Vincent,

I’m double checking right now. Want to give you the right answer. Thank you for your patience!

Any news/confirmation on this?
I have made three flights with the Inspire-2 & X5S using DD and it worked worked, I did experience one regularity:
On the second flight, with the Flight Plan loaded and checked, the aircraft launched, flew to the start point and started the first leg of the mission, but failed to start collecting images (no voice prompt and no photo count). I aborted the mission, landed the aircraft and restarted everything (aircraft, RC & iPad) following which it all worked fine.
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Hi Allan,

I’m so sorry, this got lost in the shuffle but I’m glad you found a way to get it to work. Apologies, again.

Does it recognize the lens focal length with the X5S when calculating overlap and resolution? I’m going on a job and I think the 15mm lens will work best. What has your experience been? I’m going to run a test set tomorrow.

Yes, I believe it does recognise the lens.
I certainly have not experienced any focus problems.

The lens isn’t used for planning in the current version. This is fixed in the upcoming version.

So the planning happens for the 20mm focal length of the Z3/P4/ So we should figure the percentages between 20 and 15mm and modify our front/side lap to adjust?

The latest iOS app on the store 2.0.47 should adjust for the correct overlap for these camera/lenses.

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Yep… it came out the day after that job. But I estimated well and have good results. Thanks!

Does it do this overlap calculation automatically, or is there someplace you have to tell it what focal length lens you’re going to use? Because I’m going to use a 15mm lens and I see nowhere to tell DD that.

Hi folks.
I have been trying to use the DD App with the Inspire-2 + X5S Camera and FOCUS remains a problem:
The settings in the App suggest that should set Focus and Aperture in DJI Go4 but this does not make sense as I need to set Focus while in flight and can only use one App at a time. Am I expected to start the mission, close the DD App and then open the DJI App while in flight?
The DJI GSP App allows me to switch between the Mission View and a limited version of DJI Go4 to change camera settings - which works perfectly, but is limited to 99 images…
Any help much appreciated.

Hi @allanart

If you would like to use manual camera settings, here is my recommend workflow: Before flying toggle the two manual switches in the DroneDeploy advanced settings. Quit DroneDeploy. Fly up to your mapping altitude using DJI Go 4 and set your camera parameters. After that please land, quit DJI Go 4 , and then open up DroneDeploy to fly and map.