Focus on X5 12mm

I’m having real problems with focus on the Olympus 12mm for Inspire X5. I’m using iOS. How does DD control focus? Does it make any difference where I set the focus in DJI Go? I’ve calibrated the lens in GO so that shouldn’t be an issue

What aperture are you using? I don’t have the X5 but I do have that lens on a GH4. I would suggest around f/11 with the focus manually set to infinity. The Olympus 12mm infinity setting isn’t exactly on the infinity symbol either, it’s just a hair before.

Is there any update on this from DD? I see the focus issues in x5 were being ‘looked into’ as early as last December.

Sorry for the confusion- our app is compatible with the DJI MFT 15mm f/1.7 ASPH camera only. Please see here for more information: