X5 process

So its a rainy day. Yesterday I did testing on picture quality on my new X5. Basically how much noise is displayed in the files at different ISO levels, then ran them through some noise reduction software. Found for my taste, 800 is maximum for print, 1600 for online.
but this whole focus stuff is disappointing. Its not auto focus as I expected. My bad should have done more research, but still is a good choice.

I was going to research further, how to get focus sharp pics into DD. I just did my first test ortho, and set DD to allow DJI control.

I opened dji, set focus to infinity, since i was at 200’ for the mapping. closed dji, opened DD. Initiated flight. Heard notification of camera being calibrated, or something like that. then it started flight.
Pictures came back all out of focus.
So I realize that alot of people are having the same issue. There has to be a way to use the X5 efficiently.

since there is no actual auto focus, but rather spot auto focus, I still think its setting it manual, at infinity, at an apeture the allows the difference in AGL of the mapping mission.

Its just how to get there that I am trying to figure out :slight_smile:

oh can i add… i just processed a map with shitty out of focus pictures, on DD and Pix4d. Drone Deply did much better. considerably better. couldnt fix the focus though :slight_smile:

Hello @Provostdronesolution Thanks for reaching out. I do see you are trying to fly the X5 camera. We have tested the X5 Inspire 1 and we have seen issues as far as autofocusing with the 15mm lens. If you are not using this lens, I would make sure to be using the latest version of the DroneDeploy app.


Is there a work around, or what lens is working flawlessly with the x5?
Can i set to manual or adjust focus with dji prior to flight?

Also, if i may ask, i seem to have determined obliques with angled camera is not possible? Even if i set angle manually?
Thank you

You are more than welcome to set the focus manually and use a higher aperture to compensate for the focus range. @Provostdronesolution

You would have to fly manually in order to take Manual 3D obliques.