Bata tester X5 Aus

I just did my first run and was happy to get pictures now and not just 1 or 0 pics, it took 46 images.
I am uploading now but also running through pix4d as we have crap net speeds where i am in aus and upload will take about 16 or more hours .
from what pix has shown from its report i have very poor over lapping per attached image,( cant upload im a new user WTF ?
the settings i used were
plan Alt was 60 meters
frontlap 85
side lap 62
now i used 72 and 60 in pix and had all green ( 72 camera angle ), we are all just learning, so i will relaunch with the 72 and see if that will fix the over lap error as the X5 cam is obviously different. ( i was wrong as i thought the 72 was over lap not angle )

It would be great if you add the settings in the side bar so it easy to setup even if the drone is not connected and basically to a prep before leaving for the site.


WOWWW i re flew that at 72 and gee wiz thats pure junk, massive holes and 1 pic no chance of meshing point cloud.
will redo with 90 this time i really am suprised.

please someone jump in if i am doing this wrong …

I’ll check your logs to see if the X5 is triggering at the correct rate.

Also if you upload the photos to dronedeploy we can get a better idea of the type of photos it took.

yeah i am uploading now guys , but as i said its slow with most images 6mb or more. its been 1.5 hours and im at 27 of 46 so that not to bad.
Please know when i flew a very similar mission in pix i had 90 images im sure i uploaded them as well so i hope you can compare the images to adjust the programs.
Can you guys allow me to upload please ?
Thanks very much for your response .

i need to correct some info the over lap in pix is set at 80 not 72 , that is the actual camera angle, when i had that at 80 or 85 i had poor coverage, pix has no allowance to adjust side overlap only front , angle and speed. Very sorry for that miscommunication.

hi all following this, ok so update on how im doing with DD,
Personally i am finding once i get it working, it is the best app on the market at this point because of 2 key features for ME.
1st is the ability for the app to allow larger jobs with a battery changing element, it detects low battery ,lands and you change the battery , hit the plane and continue the mission , that’s just awesome.

2nd is the ability to adjust the flight path to cross fly for more accuracy although that needs some work. The slide bar is way to sensitive and you can just roll your finger to adjust a large amount.

i have had 2 issues on my last 2 missions, one was the camera didn’t face down so lucky i was checking as it went and corrected. The next was during flight the display picture was showing each picture then went black and stayed black, the time before it froze on one image but in both cases it did take all the pictures. Some were under exposed so had to PS them back to work .