Inspire 2 Zenmuse X5S Blurry Pics When Turning

Hi All!

Hope everyone is having a great start of the week. I have been using Drone Deploy for all of my construction projects and been using the Inspire 2 since May and overall our team is very happy with the imaging we can produce. We did run into a problem where when the drone turns and takes a pic, the picture is shot blurry. We have never encountered this before and we are on the latest update and firmware.

I am always shooting in manual mode, my process is I will usually launch the drone and get my settings correct then launch the DD mission. I even tried it with doing my settings on the ground then launching the mission and I would still get great pics. But the past couple times we are getting blurry images when the drone turns and goes into the next line/grid. When going straight the pics are clear and sharp.

Lastly we do have a 2nd remote and iPad running DJI Go 4 while the main controller is running drone deploy, so don’t know if this is causing the issue.

The Speed of the drone is about 10, overlap/front about 80 and height 180 ft.

I would like to know what is causing this or if any of you that has the I2 with X5S is running into this problem.

Here are my usual settings.

Manual Mode/Automatic Settings turned off in Drone Deploy

ISO 100
Aperature 5.6
Shutter 60
White Balance 6000
ND 16 or 32 Filter if needed.

Pic Quality - Normal Mode and not Dlog

Greatly appreciate everyones help!

I think that shutter speed is a bit too low

Thanks for the input chasemgray I usually shoot that way. What shitter speed are you usually at? Or settings for that matter.

Thanks again

Sorry I meant shutter speed

I can’t say specifically about why pics have started becoming blurry in turns, but everything I have learned says that you want shutter speed up at 1/1000th or so if you can get it to eliminate motion blur. 1/60 is more of a video sync speed for video at 30 fps (that is what ND filters help with). I would try removing the ND filters altogether to let in as much light as possible. Keep ISO at 100, set shutter speed at 1/500th or higher, and use aperture to adjust exposure.



BTW, you stated that “you usually launch the drone and get my settings correct then launch the DD mission”. I am interested in the specifics of that procedure. Do you land the drone before switching to DD misson or are you able to make the switch in mid-flight? Any other specifics regarding making the switch from Go4 app to DD app would be appreciated. I am flying Mavic and am uncertain that my manual settings are holding for the DD mission (in particular focus). I am landing, force closing Go4, then opening DD and re-launching. Drone and remote stay on and connected through this process. Any info appreciated.


Hey StevenB thanks for that I will try that next time which I think I usually do and I could have just had a brain fart when trying new things.

In terms of launching the Inspire 2, setting my camera to manual along with focus, I don’t have to land the drone again then launch DD. I just quit DJI GO then launch DD then start the mission, though I have been seeing some issues where I would set my settings then when I go into DD I see that my settings go back to D Log and not normal under the camera profiles this is all while the drone is in the air.

Luckily I have the 2nd controller with the I2 in order to monitor the DJI Go App for any changes. I did try it again yesterday and seem like the latest DD update fixed that but am testing, just making sure as I will be far on location this week Thursday and Friday.

Thanks for reply Ray. I will find a remote area and give that a try. Always get a little anxious when trying something new with controllers. I always try to be ready to do what I can if the drone decides to “leave the nest” if you know what I mean. For camera settings test I plan to intentionally set all of the camera settings way out of wack. That way if the pix come back OK I will know that it has reverted to automatic and I have lost my settings. Focus in general on the Mavic seems a bit of a black art to me. I haven’t yet figured out if its better to use manual focus or just leave it to auto. Seems like even on manual it always finds a way to get back to auto.

Hope you get your turning issue resolved. On thing you might take a look at is the “lock gimble for photo” setting. I’m not sure why that would matter in turns but its one thing I can think of to try. Another is a gimble setting where the gimble “leads” a yaw stick input in order to help get smooth video when entering turns. I have both set to “on” and seem to be getting good pictures consistently, even in turns.


Thanks Steven I will try those tips, in terms of yaw stick input in the DJI Go app.