Compatibility with non-DJI lenses on Inspire x5

I would like to use both an Olympus 12mm and a 25mm lens but testing them I cannot persuade the focus to set at infinity. Is this an issue or am I missing something? I have tried auto and manual camera settings on an iOS and Android tablet

Sorry for the confusion @Syfirian - our app is only compatible with the standard DJI camera that comes with the X5 (DJI MFT 15mm f/1.7 ASPH camera).

Are there any plans to accomodate other lenses?

Hi @Syfirian, I think you can calculate the ‘parameters’ by yourself as a walk around:

1.‘Computing the Flight Height for a given GSD’
2.‘Computing the Image Rate for a given Frontal Overlap’
3.You may need to Increase or decrease the side overlap as well

Please reference:

You need to put the lens into manual focus mode. Slide the focus ring backwards and it will turn off autofocus. You can then set a manual focus position for the flight.

Thanks. It works for the 12mm Olympus lens because that has that manual setting on the lens. However I can’t get it to work with the 25mm Olympus lens because focus for that is set electronically. I have tried to set the focus to manual in the DJI Go app and set the “Automatic Camera Settings” switch on the DroneDeploy app to off.