Mapping a roof with Olympus 45mm (Inspire 1 Pro) HELP!


Need some help/advise with using 45mm for mapping a roof for inspection - NOT 3D model.

We have been testing DroneDeploy for automated full roof inspections - basically to save us time taking manual pictures which can be difficult when doing sizes such as 10,000 sq ft. We are using the Olympus 45mm, X5 on Inspire Pro.

The picture quality isn’t great - they almost look unfocused? We need them really detailed for post analysis for conditions. Attached are a couple of photos.

We have had issues previously when flying below 30ft above the structure but on this particular flight we were at 60ft AGL aprox 40ft above the roof and they are still poor quality.

I have no idea why? below are the settings for both DD & the camera.

DD Settings:

Overlap: 90%
Speed: 4 MPH
Height: 60ft
Camera: Manual

Camera Settings:

Focus: Infinity (Manual)
ISO: 100
AP: f/6.3
Shutter: 1/250

Has anyone got any experience doing this or what could be wrong? Or is it simply impossible with this lens for this particular task? Could it be the focus or are we missing something? Surely its not the speed as 1/250 at 4mph is fine. We did fly faster before and had the same issue hence slowed it down.

Thanks in advance!

I have read somewhere that you should focus the camera when in the air.
Can’t find the article about it now but check around. It will not autofocus for you. I think there is a focus meny on the dji app. I will myself get a 45mm lens on a X5 so haven’t tested this yet.

The app should set the focus properly for you before taking off. Soon, we will be adding some additional controls to help if this doesn’t work.


I would play with turning the ISO up a little to speed up the shutter while not losing exposure. DroneDeploy should handle the focus.