iOS and x5 Questions on speed

Sorry if this has been discussed but I could not find where it has been talked about.

Finally got the chance to take my Inspire x5 out to use DD for first time. Everything went smooth up to the point before take off when I noticed that my altitude (180ft) was correct but the speed planned was 6 mph. I assumed it was a mistake and went ahead and lifted off after all systems check out. Inspire lifted to 180ft. and proceeded to 1st waypoint at 6 mph. It started the planned flight path and was taking pictures at 6 mph. I switched to setting P and brought it back home. Shut everything down, restarted and then went to the altitude and overlay section hoping to see a speed adjustment but not there. Is the Inspire X5 suppose to fly that slow or am I doing something wrong? Thanks in advance for your help.

At the moment X5 has a reduced capture rate. DJI has told us a new firmware update should speed it up in the near future.

Thanks Chase. I appreciate the quick response.


Was using the the x5 camera last week to map 200 acres. Flight plan and actual flight went good. Continuing mission has a little hick-up but all went well except for the number of photos taken. The flight altitude was at 400ft AGL with some elevation loss in certain parts of the flight boundry. Altitude difference between launch site and lower parts of the was no more than 50ft. So, some of the elevation reading for parts of the flight might be anywhere from 410ft to 450ft. After the flight was completed, there was 680 photos; many more than anticipated for 200 acres. I plotted the GPS locations of all the images and found that although photos were taken exactly on each flight line, there were times when the x5 would take want I can only describe as a burst of photos and then miss some photos. Plotted photos show that there are moments of consistent photos being taken and then . . .boom, boom, boom . . . . a series of burst photos as if the “burst” setting of the camera had been activated. Have you had anyone advise of this issue? Thanks.

Can you email me a link to the map id? I’d like to see if we can determine why this happened.