Lack of user input for airspeed for Inspire 1 and 2

**Summary of Issue:**I can’t adjust airspeed to prevent image drop outs

**Date Issue Began:**27 May 2018

**Drone Model:**DJI Inspire 2 with X5S

**Mobile Device Model and OS version:**iPad Pro with 11.3.1

DroneDeploy App Version:latest

I last used DD last September (Pro Plan) and it worked fine. I had originally used an Inspire 1 with X5 camera and found that I had to slow down to 13 mph to prevent image drop outs. What was happening was the DD camera capture rate was exceeding the camera buffer storage if I flew faster than 13 mph. I started using the Inspire 2 with X5S camera and found I had to slow down to 11 mph to prevent drop outs. The X5S has a 20 mpxl sensor instead of a 16 mpxl sensor in the X5. Yesterday, I went to shoot the exact same site Copied over from last September. Everything was fine in preflight until it came to the checklist. It said there was an error in the cruise speed. My input was too low. I set it to 20 mph and flew part of the mission. The problem was I was dropping images like a flock of birds that ran into an airplane. Are you guys nuts? Has anyone ever heard of exceeding the camera buffer? What was routine and very workable last September is now impossible, Same site, same flight profile and same drone. The only thing that changed is Drone Deploy. If you can’t trust your customers to make proper inputs to the program, at least put a switch in for Inspire 1 and 2 drones that allows a user input for airspeed. I saw in another section that Hannah said there is no longer user input for airspeed. Now it’s based on overlap and altitude. I’m glad I don’t use Drone Deploy in my airplane, I would have gone broke from bad software.
Please fix this so I can finish this job for multiple customers.
Thanks, Airtanker

Hello @airtanker,

Thanks for reaching out and letting us know about this issue. We are aware of this bug and are working to update the DroneDeploy app with it fixed.

In the mean time, please try relying on the front overlap instead of enforcing the max flight speed directly. We recommend setting the front overlap to 90%. If you set the front lap high enough (which can be set in the advanced settings), the drone speed will be adjusted accordingly. That way, even if some images are dropped, as you described, the high overlap will ensure that there are enough images to still produce a high quality map for you. We also recommend setting your maximum flight speed higher in conjunction with increasing the overlap.

The next version of the app will address this issue properly so that the workaround above will be unnecessary. We understand how frustrating it is when issues delay you in finishing your job. Thank you for your patience!


Hi Hannah,

Thanks for the prompt reply. I will try the workaround. Part of my
frustration is that it was working so well last year and I expected the
same efficiency this year. If this captures OK, I’ll be renewing my pro

Thanks, again, Ike Isaacson

Isaacson Aerial Photography



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