Speed and FrontLap

So I tried out DD today for the first time today. Overall it went well, but I had a few issues to ask about that I couldn’t find answers for.

First, I had issues getting DD app to play nice with the DJI Go app on my Galaxy S5 running Marshmallow. I follow the video the thread about that, but still couldn’t get it, but I will respond to that thread for that issue.

My other problem I had was with the actual flight. I set up a 29 acre area and was flying at 250 feet. I flew it twice. once with overlap set to 70% and front lap set to 55%, and it took off, flew to start point, and then began taking pictures, but it would fly at about 34mph, and about every 2 seconds it would abrupty level off and keep going. It seemed like it was slowing down to take a picture. I didn’t know what was going on so I aborted. I changed the front lap to about 40% I think and it flew smoothly at 34 mph.

Is that normal behavior? It feels like its going to fall out of the sky. (I’m sure it won’t) but I wasn’t comfortable letting to continue like that without knowing if its supposed to do it.

Hi Tboutain

That sounds like strange behavior. Seems unusual to be able to hit 34mph in 2 seconds. If you ever have it again, please do share a video or screenshots.


It wasn’t stopping completely. It would quickly pitch up to slow down then keeps going. I had it happen a couple different times, but didn’t take a video.

Flew one flight today at 350 ft and 45% front lap and it didn’t do it. I want to fly with higher front lap but it seems like that is what causes it to do this.

That’s unusual - anyone else have a similar experience?

You really do want to fly at higher front lap to make good maps.

Are you on a P4, and latest firmware?

Yes, P4 and latest firmware. Flies great under all other situations. If it’s nice tomorrow I’ll attempt to get a video of it.


I have heard from Chase that it might be solved with an IMU calibration - you can do that in the DJI Go app. Let me know if that works.