Feedback on 2.0.51 - clarification required

Just did a test flight today with a phantom 4 pro and a samsung android tablet.
Running DD ver 2.0.51

Probably need clarification on whether it is behaving as it should.

Connected to drone fine, started DD, DD recognised Drone, preflight checks all ok. Take off good.
On ver 2.44 the camera would drop within metres of going up, however the camera remained facing forward for the entire flight up. Once she reached altitude she headed to the start position and SLOWLY dropped the camera to point down. In the past this was a quick drop. I am also not sure if she dropped the camera completely down or whether it was slightly off.

Did the run fine although I did notice some pixelation on the camera window even when in close vicinity. Max distance was 700m so there should be no issue.

Once flight was complete she put the camera back up and started to proceed to home. The camera seemed to have a mind of its own and was swinging around badly enough that I could see the P4 legs. Then it would correct and do it all again. This stopped once it started to descend and I was able to land safely. The display also went VERY dark.

I have not upgraded the birds firmware to the latest version so could this possibly be contributing to some of the issues ?

Images look ok - I still have to stitch them together but a quick glance looks ok.

Airdata flight log looks all ok except the max speed shows 0.00 and it doesnt show the return path home

Only other thing to note was that the tablet was EXCESSIVELY hot on completion which has never happened before.

Any feedback from chase / DD would be appreciated.


Hi @syamaphantom,

We recommend upgrading your drone to the latest software. Our DroneDeploy software is optimized to work with the latest version of the drone software.
If you run any other version on your drone, the results can be unpredictable.

Once your upgrade your bird, please let us know the outcome.

Thank you,

Thanks Nipul,

Only issue I have after upgrading everything to the latest version is the gimbal control which I logged in another bug report.