Issue with DD and Phantom 4 Pro

I tried to fly a mission yesterday with my P4P using an iPad Mini 2. Planned mission on desktop and it loaded to the tablet fine. Checklist went fine and bird took off and flew to first waypoint. It then flew very fast to the end of the leg without taking photos and then returned home. Any ideas what happened?

I’m not new to DD and use it reliably with my P3P and Android tablet.

The P4P should work normally. We are using a new method of starting the capture with the P4P which has turned out to sometimes not work. We aren’t sure what causes it. We are including our old method of capture as a fallback to the P4P so hopefully this happens less. That being said, It sounds weird that it flew to the first waypoint then just returned home. It makes it sound like something else went wrong, but I’m not sure what it could be.

Went out this morning to retry the mission I had designed on my desktop. All systems go, take off and once again the bird flew one leg with no images and returned home. So I then created a new mission on the iPad and it executed perfect. I think there is a disconnect between the desktop creation and the tablet. I have seen others comment on the same issue.

I had the same issue but what I ended up doing was designing it on the desktop per usual; went into the app and literally just moved one of my boundary points; saved; the drone took off and executed the mission to a T so I feel Lee is right in saying that there is definitely something wrong with the mission sync from the Desktop to the App.