Anyone else having problems?

I am flying a DJI P3P, with an iPad, all firmwares up to date. I use DD for commercial agricultural consulting. However for the last 2 months I have not been able to get a fully successful flight. Failure to take pictures, strange login problems, failed multiple battery flights and despite replies from DD to my emails, no effective answers.
Pix4D Capture is working fine. I have been using ‘paid for’ DD for over a year, but my frustration with the capture failures means I am close to cancelling my account. Anyone else having reliability problems?

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Oh yes we most certainly are. Every update seems to make things worse, not better. Suggest you browse all the active forums, topic by topic, instead of starting new one, as your concern is already addressed elsewhere numerous times.

Which problems specifically you seeing problems with the latest releases (2.0.49)? The entire focus of the last several releases was to fix reliability issues and we’ve received a lot of feedback that people are succeeding now.
We’re still investigating the login problems. If you see this uninstall and reinstall.
Which multiple battery issues are you seeing?

I have had detailed email conversations with DD. The underlying problem is a failure to take photos. There was another update this week so I will try again when the weather allows. The partially successful multiple battery flight wanted to restart the mission from the beginning and not continue from the last successful capture point.

For multiple battery missions you can always adjust ge starting point. The reason for that is relying on constant communication to the drone and saving that information back to DD servers reliably didn’t always work. This way DD tries to remember where to resume but the user always has the final say.

I fly the same setup - iPad Air 2 with P3P and P4P and it has been working fine.
On battery changes, I usually restart the app and it comes up Continue where it left off.
I would uninstall and reinstall the app.
I would also recycle power on the iPad to clear out possible conflicts.
And I am sure you are not leaving the DJI app open in the background but have slid it off the screen.

I suggest DD really do a scan of all huge uptick in posts with problems everytime they release a new update this is getting rather frustrating and why I am using other companies paid for services right now because I been let down a couple times by DD although I want all this to work it seems like there are more and more problems creeping up everytime someone fixes something.

We are monitoring all posts, emails, chats, facebook posts, etc. and feeding all of this into a location where it is triaged and we determine if there are regressions and what is the highest impact thing to work on.

The abundance of issues with DD is why I havent attempted to use it since May. Before that, it was 6 month earlier.
I even sent DD an email whining about my issues:
No images taken on SD card and the app not displaying correctly on my Ipad mini 2.
So much so, that none of the buttons are labeled.
I decided to log into DD this morning and seen I had a reply from my original issue back in May. Im going to give DD a try again today.

Pix4d capture has always been good to me. And with the addition of polygon map making. It has everything I need.
But the ability to create a flight from my office to the field is something that I would really like to utilize.
Hopefully the issues I were having back in may, have been addressed by now

The maps on my Ipad are up to date, but app on windows desktop does not have updated google maps. Tried to create flight at desktop but old maps are present.

Thank you.

Desktop will not have google maps for at least the next couple of months. If you need to have updated tiles the mobile app is the best thing to plan on.

How did the flight test go? The weather has been too unpredictable for me to try again with the latest DD update installed. I am also worried about problems reported with the DJI P3P firmware update. I’m keeping a close eye on all forums.

My problem, 2 weeks ago I flew a mission that resulted in dark photos. The DJI photos were fine and there were no changes to the camera settings. Yesterday 7/16 I could not get the fly icon in the lower right corner to come up, all I got was the save icon. I sent an email to support a little after 12 noon with the problem and have yet to get a response.

Please make sure you have all other drone apps closed in the background. DJI on Android is extremely flaky because of how they support the USB connection. Make sure you don’t have any defaults set. You may have to unplug and plug in a few times.

Thanks for the feedback. No apps opened, DJI default was cleared and unplugged and plugged in a bunch of times. I’m pretty good and doing the same thing the same way and never had this problem before.

I’ve been having nothing but problems since May! No pics, camera facing forward, drone gets to first way point and just sits there, pics to light, pics to dark, takes off and immediately goes to mission finished upload screen…etc…etc…etc! Have not been able to use it successfully since May but still paying with not even an offer to give me any type of credit! About ready to cancel as well!

Hi @HawkEye_Imaging a lot of the issues you mentioned have been addressed. Can you let us know which issues still exist for you on the latest version.

Hi Chasemgray,

I found version 2.0.44 on Android was the least buggy of all versions and worked nicely for me. However, a fellow pilot upgraded my app to 2.0.47 and that has resulted in no images being taken / black images being taken etc. It does seem that everytime there is an update things stop working which is why I didnt want my app updated !

So what would you advise now ? Upgrade to the latest version and try and work out what bugs still exist ? Or leave it on 2.0.47 and see what I can do to get a working solution again.

When DD works it is fantastic - however everytime there is an upgrade everyone seems to suffer with issues making most of us reluctant to upgrade.


The last 3-4 updates should improve things quite a bit. I’d recommend an upgrade