Phantom 4 Pro V2 Disconnecting

I had an issue today where DroneDeploy update 4.112.1 was loaded and all the sudden the drone would start disconnecting. It happened on an iPad Pro 2021 and an iPad Mini 5 including different cables. The drone continues the mission but I had to keep reconnecting the USB. Anyone else?

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Hi Michael,
I had similar issues since Dec. 6th: After starting the DD flight anything is well and at regularly 40 - 50 photos taken the DD app freezes. Then I realized that the drones (P4P and Inspire I) are following their automated flight and all the photos were taken, including return to home point properly.

The flight process works, but it is thrilling all the time. In this way I perfomed 15 flights until christmas without having the time to take care on this.

I am relieved that you are using iOS, I am using Adroid devices.

What’s your opinion about this?

Yours, Joern

P.S:: DD App Version is 4.114.0

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I had similar issues.
My iphone kept disconnecting, had to swap out for my android.
It seems to take forever to load up the dronedeploy dashboard even when there is no reception.

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Did any of you experience the app running sluggishly before it disconnected? I had similar issues in December, but they seem to have fixed the issue in a new update. I don’t recall it disconnected, but it sounds similar to Aircontec’s experience.

The DD app would momentarily freeze, although the FPV window was unaffected. The display would occasionally try to catch up, but would eventually freeze completely. Meanwhile, the drone continued its flight, and continued snapping photos. Because the display was frozen, I couldn’t manually force a RTH to swap batteries, and I didn’t want to chance allowing the drone to land on its own for a battery swap since I had no real time view of battery percentage. (that was the most dangerous part of this) Instead, I used the RTH button on the controller, and then force closed DD, restarted it, reset the mission, and started at the waypoint it had left off at. (Simply resuming the mission would start wherever the app had frozen)

In any case, if you’re experiencing anything like this, I’d try deleting and reinstalling the newest version of DD.