Third party camera error

Hello and thanks on advance for any help. I try to use the DD free version with my DJI P4P and it will work on a flight that was planned by day Dronebase but when I plan one I’ve been getting this error during preflight telling me it doesn’t recognize the third party camera. Which, it is the stock camera and just worked with a previous flight. I’m using an android based tablet. Can anyone tell me what’s going on?



Did you try maybe to change the camera or did you check if everything was plugged-in correctly? Sometimes cameras might lag. Happened to me once, but I did not find a better way rather than completely change the camera.

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Thank you for the reply. I really doubt it is the camera. It worked 30 minutes earlier when I flew DD on a paid account but once I logged into the free account it would not. Plus, I ended up flying the mission with Pix4D and the camera worked fine.
Thanks again.

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Maybe you’ll try to change the chip?

Change the Chip?? What chip are you referring to?

Probably the mSD card. Can you share a picture of what you’re using?

Confused as to how the SD card in the drone would effect a software program running on my tablet.