Inspire 1 Pro Capture issues

When I fly a field in DD the flight runs smoothly, the top right corner of the screen flickers to indicate photo capture has started. It keeps flashing as it should. But it doesn’t capture all the time once you look at the images and a lot of the time data is missing. I have had this issue for a couple of months now and as far as I’m aware I haven’t changed anything to do with the software or hardware. Just started going wrong one day.


Has anyone else had this issue? I’m currently losing money because I can’t complete flights for customers. I have gone through 4 batteries today on a field tat should take one. It appears at the beginning of the flight the pictures are taking as they should (see pic) but after the first initial run it seems to stop taking photos regularly.

The screenshot given was actaully 3 flights that I’ve merged all the photos together on. Even that wont be good enough.

I am close the the drone, no warnings of connection issues.

Up to date on all firmware and IOS updates…running iphone SE.

DD app is up to date too…

Losing money over here!!!

Does everything work properly in Go?
If so, I would try everything you have control over, the usual suspects…sd card, app, camera connections, etc.

Also, where is your backup craft? I never go to a location without mine. Not judging, just sayin’ . :slight_smile:

So I have narrowed it down to possible issue with drone as the same issue happens in DJI go, Pix4D and DD. Also tried different cameras, SD cards, cables etc So drone will be sent off to see whats up.

If anyone else has this specific issue may be worth trying all before sending drone off.

Dave since you have a spare one you like to brag about how about you lend it to me whilst mine is being fixed? Just sayin’

I have a couple of P3P’s Where you at? :stuck_out_tongue:

I would recommend trying a faster SD card and also formatting the card before every flight.


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