ALL pictures black - SD formatting?

Ugh, did a couple high res flight low and slow today with my P3. The app was glitchy to begin with, flew one of the missions without ever showing on the app that it was in a current mission. One didn’t have the camera preview box on the app. Anyways I now have 400 photos that are all pitch black. Waste of a day. Can anyone help me make sure this doesn’t happen again?

Hi Jay, looking at your title. Did you format the SD card before taking off?

Kara, the short is answer is no…but I’ve used that SD card to collect imagery in previous flights.

Ok, typically when that happens, it’s because the card wasn’t formatted. Just basing this on experience.

Are you suggesting that we must format the SD card before every flight? That is not my experience with DD… and would be a real pain if that was the case (since one cannot format within the app).
I have had random issues with SD cards but usually if there’s an issue with the card DD will pick this up at pre-flight checks and tell you that there is a problem with the card.

In Jay’s situation the flight has completed and he has 400 photos (albeit black ones)- I doubt this is an SD card issue at all- seems more like a camera issue- whether it’s on the DJI side or otherwise -who would know. I would suggest doing a flight with DJI go etc and seeing whether photos from there are screwed up also. I find often just a reboot/ restart/re-flight of everything (drone/controller/and tablet or phone) fixes these quirky issues.

Hi Pete, To clarify, no, you only need to format the SD card once. If you don’t, there will be problems.

So–typically, would the DD app know that an SD formatting error is present and will notify you during the preflight checklist?

Was the FPV feed black when you were flying?

One of the flights the app became glitchy and never even “entered” the mission, it just started going on its course correctly and the app did say it started capturing imagery (albeit black ones). The second time, the preview window on the app showed pitch black, yes, and I just let it finish thinking maybe it would turn out OK once I got to my PC.

Hi Jay,

Were you able to fly and take pictures using the DJI app? If you were, did you experience the same behavior? We want to narrow down the issue to the app or camera on the DJI P3.

Yes it was definitely a DD problem

Hi Jay,

Typically during the preflight checklist, DD will not know whether there is an issue with the SD card. We are looking at ways we can better handle this from a product perspective.
Also was the FPV feed black when you were flying?

One of the failed jobs it was coming in and out with very poor lighting, the other failed mission the app glitched like it always does and my P3 took off on its course while the app went back to the dashboard like the UAV wasn’t even connected