Firmware Version

Do we need to update to the newest firmware

Will test that today. Looks like it has some fixes for the flight speed.

@chasemgray I installed it and flew two missions this afternoon. Everything worked fine. The speed did increase to 22mph. My P3 advanced seemed to fly more stable with this new firmware. I still can’t get the camera settings the way I would like, but that is my fault and not the apps. It was windy when I flew today, around 10 mph, so I might redo the map later in the week to improve the quality. I am uploading the maps and flight logs to my account now if you want to look at the info.

That’s good to hear that the speed increased. I think it will go a bit faster if we change our code as well. I didn’t want to change it just yet because it might break people with older firmware.

@chasemgray I can confirm that RC upgrade is NOT necessary with this firmware release.

I was just wondering about the speed. I will update mine and see what happens. Would be nice if there was n function to set the speed manually, as with windy conditions i would want to decrease to around 7m/s and with no wind go as fast as 14-15m/s?