Careful with 1.05.0011

Just a word of caution. I installed the 1.05.011 firmware today on my P3 Advanced, calibrated IMU, calibrated rc, and calibrated compass. Went on a test flight with DJI Go. Everything went smoothly at first, then aircraft lost connection and became unresponsive. It was only a couple hundred feet from me. It flew off on its own, I never could get reconnected. Luckily, I saw it finally crash, but my aircraft is trashed. I have over a hundred flights on it and never had a problem. This isn’t concerning the Drone Deploy app, but be aware there could be issues with this firmware.

Thank for the info, just one question where you flying in a location where you had previously done so?

Yes, at the golf course where I work. It’s where I have flown probably 90% of my flights. I’m shipping unit to DJI today. Hopefully, they will warranty the damage.

Since you found it, it appears the P3 didn’t go off at high speed. Did it just wander, like it was in ATTI? Since you were apparently just starting the flight when you lost contact, you must have had a lot of flying time left to burn off!

Also, did you just lose the ability to control the aircraft, or did you lose data and video as well?

It went off in a straight line at 30 mph. Lost video, data, and control. The golf course sits in a valley so when it reached the edge of the property, where the elevation rises quickly, the top of a tree knocked it out of the air. If I would have been somewhere like my neighborhood, I would have never found it. I was very fortunate to find it!