Significant speed increase and decrease during flight

What’s the best way to troubleshoot this? I set up a mission to cover about 80 acres with a height of 230ft. I’m flying a P4 with the latest firmware. The mission loaded and launched fine, clear and calm day, but as I was watching the flight I noticed the drone flying very strange. It would accelerate and then hit the brakes really quick, then accelerate again. Almost like it was trying to stop for every photo. The motion was so intense that the drone was actually rocking forward and backward almost 45 degrees. I’ve never experienced that before. Even if the photos come out OK I’m sure it’s depleting the battery much quicker than it should be. Has anyone else experienced this issue? I stopped the mission when it was about 30% complete. I’ll upload the photos later today so I can see how they came out.

I’ve heard of similar behavior before and I believe they did an IMU calibration and it resolved it.

Thanks. Once the weather clears up I’ll perform an IMU calibration and restart the mission.

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Looks like that fixed the issue. Thx