iOS Beta Feedback and Enhancement Request

I just wanted to feedback the I’ve used the DD app and website for the past few weeks and generally I’ve been very happy with the results. Support has been great and the online instructions fantastic.

Regarding doing actual mappings I have been very nervous using the DD app and not having the Go App available but I’m geting over this, But I’d really like to see the battery voltages to give me some confidence that the P3 won’t drop out of the sky because the percantages were wrong…

Any chance this could be added?

Thanks, Chris

We have been planning to add this and it’s on our roadmap for the near future.

Couple of test flights today with NDVI X3 camera. Took me a while to figure out why it wouldn’t fly the mission despite all boxes being ticked…then noticed a small warning at foot of screen saying something along the lines of “flight radius too large…”…my fault…I had switched the flight limitation option in DJI Go app. Switched it off and all was good…battery info would be good though. Flight in Phantom 3 Advanced was fine too, but aircraft location on screen kept changing and lagging. Getting there though. Had latest update installed this morn.

Ooops…spoke too soon…P3 flew but didn’t take any images. No idea why Im afraid.

CHecking your logs to see if I can find something.

Did all your flights have no images? In our logs it looks like it should have been capturing fine.

The one with P3 today didn’t…others in past are fine…I didn’t upload anything from P3…unless it did itself…only pix on the sd card were from last week.

I used the P3 on the mission that had uploaded to Inspire X3 ndvi…would that affect it?

It shouldn’t affect it. I wasn’t able to determine why no photos were taken. We are pushing a release to test flight today that should be more aggressive about trying to start the camera throughout the mission if no photos are being taken.