First use with P3Pro -- a couple of issues

So I had a successful flight first of all. Everything worked pretty well overall.

A few main issues.

  1. First I noticed the Phantom 3 was “surging” for lack of a better word when flying. It’s like it was hard forward, then slow down, then again, and over and over. Not sure why it wasn’t smooth flight. Probably not optimal for battery life or clear pics.

  2. Second, and the bigger issue, all 170 photos taken are way overexposed. Not clear why that happened either or if there is a way I could have checked it before starting the flight. Exposure was just way too bright to capture details. I didn’t select the option to disable camera adjustment, so not sure what’s up. Help! I want to try again with good pics. And any way to check exposure, etc?

  3. Finally, I need to make sure that maps I create aren’t free for all to see. Seems like when I click on the sketchfab link, it goes to a place anyone can look at it? How can I make them not public?

  4. Also, I guess it’s better to upload the photos offline according to the note from the app? To have it upload automatically after getting in range of WiFi later, what needs to be on – Phantom, tablet, remote, etc?

Looks promising!

Hi @mbrassette Thanks for sending this through.

We have had some reports of the ‘surging’ you’re describing. It’s not something we’re able to control (we merely set waypoints and tell the drone to follow them), but I’ll let the DJI firmware team know about this.

  1. Regarding the images - we’re working on a picture in picture mode which will let you see camera output live - we should also be setting them to reasonable values, but it seems as though some of the ‘auto ISO’ settings aren’t getting set to ‘auto’ and instead get set to ISO100. You can manually set the camera settings in the Go app, and then select the

  2. Your data is certainly private, and no-one will be able to see it unless you share the link with them.

  3. We’re waiting for some updates from the SDK side before we can do the automatic upload again. The biggest issue is the speed at which we’re able to pull the imagery off over the RC link - it’s generally around 400Kbps meaning that a 200 image mission would take several hours to download.