Mavic Mapping - camera issue

ok so took the mavic out for first test earlier. setup, link up take-off/ landing all worked perfect. but now back and checking images, all are black, had the camera on auto settings via the app. so i presume this is a bug to be fixed. will go back out for send flight maybe later, try the manual settings and presume set them in Go APP? apart form that (which obviously is a major issue) all work perfectly. Havent used dronedeploy since pretty much it first lanuched, so much easier to use now…good work guys!

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thanks for giving it another go @altitude58 - any luck since this was posted?

Had the same issue this morning, auto camera settings gave terrible images.

Flew a few hours ago and turned it off, made sure settings in dji go were good and that work BUT, they’re all out of focus. Yet I flew straight after on a different plan 90 degrees to what I just flew and it popped up an issue saying the image collection wouldn’t auto start (yet it did) and all images were focused. I didn’t touch the focus at all during both flights

Bit off putting and glad I’m just in the trial stage at the moment

Okay guys at DD, time to pull your finger out and slip in that little bit of code that makes the camera auto focus once it starts taking photos, just like what happens in the dji when you push record.

2 flights today, both out of focus and unusable, how hard is it to bring in C1 center focus function? Really disappointing that this hasn’t been solved

so i managed to get out with the mavic today, just on a test job. the camera now WORKS and is working on auto i would presume, as i also tried setting the DJI cam settings to dark and then went into DD app and it still managed to take images fine.

So ok, thats all good but it is down to the focus issue now, all i can advise people on currently is go into dji app set focus on a distant object then back into DD and fly. this seemed to work. as it seems to use the current dji focus (i could be wrong but i tried focusing on something closer then when i flew the images were out of focus when in the air, so make sure you set this. remember guys its still being sorted and have flown DD since the start and these guys always get it sorted. )

So far so good, just need that focus either maybe a c1 action or something.

Im getting overexposed images when flying over dirt. Images over houses and greenery is bright but usable. Anyone else have this issue when using automatic camera settings on DD with mavic fw 1.03?