Mavic Pro mapping issues

I have used the Mavic in Botswana 2 days ago. Tried to map an area where we want to build a small dam. The drone flew perfectly, did the grid and landed fine. There is two problems though, ALL the images is out of focus and because there is no internet access the map is not shown as mission completed so trying to upload the images and linking them to the map is an issue. The app was set to take control of the camera. Can the out of focus images still be used as I only want the elevation data? And how do I set the mission as completed in the app?
I did a quick test before setting off to Botswana (I am in South Africa) and the app worked perfect and the images were in focus.
NB Great little drone and got some great footage of the wildlife as well. Was VERY nervous when DD took command of the Mavic and and see it fly away, not to be seen for the next 6 minutes!!!

Out of focus images seems to be an issue a few of us are facing because of the tap to focus nature of the mavic, I might try flicking it into sports mode once it’s at height just before the mission starts to trick it into running the auto focus on launch that it does in the go app

Thank you, I will try that and see if DD carry on with its mission afterwards. Am also programming centre focus on c2, maybe it will work while in the DD app.

I have it on C1, don’t think it did anything but didn’t notice at the time that it was all messed up so will try again this week, fingers crossed it works, I’m pretty happy with what it’s achieved so far

No reply on the uploading of out of focus images. Am going to upload them to DD and hope that I can get some elevation data. Will report back.