Mavic Pro samples?

Like many, I am unfortunately still waiting for my Mavic Pro. I had always assumed that the sensor on the Mavic would not be great for mapping, but was happy to see the quick compatibility in DD’s app. But reliable flight still does not equal good maps…

Would anyone have some maps generated using DD workflow and the Mavic that they could share? Would love to see both an RGB and Elevation Model sample.


Does the Mavic Geotag images?

I don’t have my Mavic yet, so going by what I am reading (a dangerous thing, I know). What I am getting from other forums is that initial firmware had a geotagging issue, but the newest firmware updates have resolved that. It produces standard EXIF JPG’s similar to the P4.

took mavic out other day, all worked great (regarding flight /planning) issue i currently have is the camera auto mode didnt work. back out later to re-map in manual camera mode via the go app

Maakusi, I flew my Mavic for a building model, flew it by line of sight with it set for one photo every 2 seconds. Im happy with the quality and think the potential is great for building models and small DTM areas.


The Mavic should work with DroneDeploy. DJI is still fixing a few small issues with the camera but most of the time the maps turn out well. I think they are pretty comparable to Phantom 4 maps.

yes it’s geotaged, I just checked it on a pict a made

Heres my first attempt with Dronedeploy and a Mavic Pro surveying a small park.
Initial impressions are pretty good , now to download and overlay in cad against a traditional gps topo survey.

Great to hear - awaiting my Mavic also - Can I ask how does the tap-to-focus work with automated photo taking like drone deploy - will it focus at the correct time or do you manually focus before you start the run?

Also - how far do you need to be away from a subject before the bokeh effect kicks in and items in background start to appear out of focus.


We make sure to focus the camera when it is in the air. In our initial tests this worked most of the time. We are releasing an update which should make it more reliable.

You should only have to be 20-30 feet away I’d assume for everything to be in focus.

When you focus it, are you in DD? And just using C1 (or what ever button you have) to do center focus? Or are you launching in dji go, focusing, landing, launching in DD?

I had my Mavic early, and went through some of the very short lived growing pains.

Now, mapping works quite fine with the Mavic since the firmware update and I think for RGB maps and 3D stuff the sensor is great. trying to post a link to an example but the forum is thinks my one link is more than 2 for some reason. Love the pocket sized mapping capability though.

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@pbarsamian Would you mind to post examples of your DD maps? I’m specifically wondering if Mavic provides enough information to do plant health maps? Any samples would be appreciated.

Mavic Pro images and maps are pretty good and pretty close to what you get with a phantom 3 pro.

Agreed. I now have a Mavic and can confirm that it maps well.

Are you having to manually manipulate the camera or is everything running as designed on the Mavic. Are you taking any additional step or precautions? Thanks.

Just flew as I would with the P4 or Inspire, images turned out fine. I used DD for stitching and Map Pilot for flight control. The map was flown from 300’ AGL over snow-covered ground with trees and the stitch turned out quite reasonable. Lets see if this link works… 3D map plant health elevation

Plant health from the mavic camera only? Not possible