New Panorama Feature - Blurry ImageS? (Mavic Pro)

I just tried out this feature but frustratingly the images are blurry and out of focus, usually this can be remedied in the traditional 2D mapping feature by disabling the Auto Focus features, but that doesn’t seem to be an option in the panorama menu :thinking:

Anyone else had similar experiences?

Here is an example I hosted on Kuula after DroneDeploy did the processing; you may have to go full screen to see the issue(s)

I had the same issue last week, but the three I uploaded this morning look MUCH better.

I have a feeling they’re doing some behind the scenes work, since this afternoon I can no longer upload panoramas with having a Business account?!

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Very disappointing that DD decided to pay wall this feature out to the top tiers of subscription…for $100 subscription fee a month you would think this feature would be available…