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Brand new, so looking for someone with lots of patience to assist …

Just completed the first flight today, processing the images now. I’ve noticed however that the dashboard thinks I have an Inspire 1, whereas it’s a P3P. How to fix?

Also while I uploaded the photos without looking at them - I’ve just noticed they’re heavily overexposed. Is that normal?

Finally - how long do you have to be a member in order to upload a photo to the forum? Seems like an odd restriction.

It’s an odd - but inspiring - thing watching my P3P takeoff on it’s own to complete a mapping missing. Looking forward to getting the hang of this amazing tool - and to a release for IOS (running it on my small android phone at the moment which is a bit challinging).


Hi Ken,

Sorry to hear about the exposure - we’re looking into what’s causing it. It’s supposed to be set to shutter priority with 1/1000 and Auto ISO. Please let me know if those settings are incorrect from the EXIF tags.

If this is the case, in the mean time, I’d suggest tapping the cog in the bottom left, and switching the camera settings to Manual. Whatever you select in the DJI GO app should remain the same during DD flight.

The DJI SDK doesn’t actually let us distinguish between the P3 and the Inspire1, so we just picked one of them. Future releases might let us see the difference.

Regarding the forum - you need to have three posts - this prevents bots from uploading spam.


Hi Jono

Thanks for the reply. For whatever reason the shutter speed was 1/100 and the ASA 100 - no wonder it was over exposed. I believe the camera settings were default/auto when I launched, but I will have another go tomorrow and ensure they are with the DJI app before I fly with DroneDeploy.

One more post and I can put a photo in this thread!

I normally use an Air2 but I’m having to swap to my OnePlusOne for this - if you’re looking for a IOS tester, please let me know.

Regards Ken

I just finished my first flight, too, and everything appeared to go well except that my images were overexposed. Using a P3A with 1.04.01 firmware. I try the suggestion above to make sure the ISO and shutter settings are as recommended.

The only thing is, how do I change camera settings without going into the Go App, which has to be off while running DroneDeploy?

I just checked the metadata for my images, and they were in fact ISO 100 and shutter speed 100.

Sample photo from that first run attached, now that I can uoload images. Twoi subsequent runs without a repeat of the problem.

These overexposed photos are ar esult of the shutter speed being set to auto incorrectly after the recent firmware changes by DJI. We have fixed this and the fix will be in this week’s release.

Just as an update - the latest release should resolve these issues with a smarter set of camera checks. Please let me know if you’re still having issues with it.