Mavic 3E today

So, it’s been out awhile. At first there were lots of issues popping up in the forums ranging from general aircraft malfunction to flight planning software incompatibility. Things have gone quiet the past few months. Does this mean software updates have ironed out the kinks, or have people gone back to more reliable platforms?

Those of you using the Mavic 3E, what is your opinion today? Is it a reliable aircraft and does it play well with DD? Consensus awhile back was that it was comparable with the latest Phantom 4 for general mapping purposes. How would you compare the two today? Any learnings or best practices to share?


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Seems to be working fine with dd and they have most/all features up and running. I sometimes have drone freeze during missions in some areas probably emi related. Wish dd could continue mission mid mission to save me 10 minutes each tine this happens. Other issues are mainly qol that can be fixed by knowing how to work around them

Are you flying with the RTK module?

Hi Micheal,

I made a new topic for this one, no RTK module in use.

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