Flight Logs

I immediately liked the fact that the DJI Pilot & Go Apps kept an ongoing pilot’s log of flights, including individual aircraft air time, total flight time, etc. I see that DD shows individual flight times, but there’s no coordination between the DD logs and the DJI App.

Can the DD flight records be integrated/coordinated with the DJI flight logs so that I can track location, flight times, etc. totals from there? This is useful for aircraft and battery maintenance, personal records, and for possible later use by FAA certification requirements.



Thanks for the suggestion. I’ll pass that along to the DJI crew to see if that’s an option.


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I really like this. I was thinkin the same thang! I realize that you can’t run both apps at the same time but if there was a process to save the data to the SD and then run the DJI Go app and It can update its flight records that would be great. Thank you.

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Is there anything new on this topic, this is a must have.


This is now actively being worked on. I don’t have a release date just yet for you though.


I need my flight times for my insurance company. I’ve spent many more hours on DD than DJI. It sure would be nice to have flight logs sometime soon! All I can do is copy each flight and look to see flight times. A very long and painful process. Please keep working on getting flight logs for DD!

Thank you for your feedback and patience!

This is something I would find very useful. My DJI flight data is uploaded to healthydrones.com for aircraft and battery maintenance etc. Missing DD flights - which are becoming a higher proportion of flying time - would give a more accurate picture of how the Phantom is being flown.

Agreed. We’re working on developing this and definitely see them as a very valuable feature.

Last weekend I was flying a mission in the foothills of California when my Phantom 3 Pro looked like it got shot. It did a couple of flips, i thought it going to tumble out of the sky and CRASH. it was about 200 - 300 feet above a saddle between two hills. It started falling then flattened out and ended up doing a controlled landing, after going out of sight behind trees at the top of the hill. I was able to recover the drone mines the camera, it sheared off on hard touchdown, still transmitting it location. . . . .upside down. I think I hit a wind shear updraft.

Does DD shut down the drone when it encounter something like
this? The flight logs are extremely important ! . . I am now extremely upset that that data is not available. I would like to know what happened to my drone.

The track that is recorded on the screen while flying that needs to be saved also. Being able to
pull GPS coordinates off the screen is also essential in recovering a down aircraft.

Is there software out there to replay the FLYxxx.DAT located in the drone, file out there?

Apologies that this was missed @wluedtka - please send us an email referencing this post to support@dronedeploy.com so we can try to assist in recovering the logs.


Would like to see the flight logs as well as an auto snyc with Healthy Drones.


We’re working towards a version of this.

Has there been any progress on this issue. I would really like to be able to pull the flight log data from the DD app. I can access the logs that are generated via iTunes but they don’t seem to include the coordinates of the actual flight path. I use my drone for teaching and having the coordinates and altitude of the flight as a .txt or .csv file would really be useful. Thanks, and great job on a really useful app.

Do some of the new Apps cover this?

Hi everyone- not sure if yall saw, but we now have flight logs and integration with several services. Please see here for more info:


One thing to note- you must upload to the blue upload button to the left of your flight name on dronedeploy.com in order to generate a log. Uploading to the gray “upload” button will not generate a flight log.

Does this go for creating a map from two sets of flights?

What about if we fly but do not upload the images? Do we have access to the flight logs also? Thanks.

We are working to allow you more ways to obtain your flight logs. Should be coming soon.