Flight Log Issues


Have had some successful flying with DD just lately - 9 flights where I haven’t had to fight to get what I want. Well done guys !

Only issue now seems to be the flight logs that get uploaded to Airdata. So far I have noticed that the landing battery percentage, altitude, max speed and max bat. temperature are incorrect. Also on some flights it doesn’t appear to record the leg that it takes for the bird to go to the start point or return to the start point.

At least it is recording the flights - just needs some checking.

Still running version 2.0.44 on an Android tablet and flying a P4Pro.


Hi @syamaphantom - thanks for the note - we will investigate this. Can you share the flight log files that has incorrect data?

Hi Manu - I’ve wiped those flights out, apologies ! I’ll let you know on my next flights which ones they are.

I just uploaded my flight logs to AirData, and I see that the altitude and speed are wrong on all of them, and that the battery info is incorrect on some of them. Any idea what is wrong, or what I might do differently in the sync process?

@boykintom can you pls share the flight logs here for investigation?

I will be glad to. Please tell me how to do that.

you can email me the files at manu@dronedeploy.com or send me the link of dronedeploy map which would have the flight logs.

With the latest update, the log file situation has improved for me (P4P, iOS on iPad 4 Mini), but there are still issues.

The logs now seem to have all the flight data, but sometimes they still do not show up in the dashboard, so Airdata can’t automatically upload those. However, with the newly available capability to get them from the application directory on the iPad, I am able to get those and upload them to Airdata.

The newest problem is that the time-stamps are all offset ahead 12 hours. The GMT offset is correct in Airdata.


The last set of corresponding flights are:

This one is not in the dashboard, but I was able to manually retrieve and upload to Airdata: