Corrupted flight?

I wondered if someone at DD would be kind enough to look at my flight “Dorothy - Syama West WRD”.

I have flown this flight twice now and on both occasions, it starts raising the camera on the second leg - no idea why. I have to abort the flight as a result.

Is there some corruption on it ?

Also - outstanding still is uploading flights to Airdata and also the return of the camera to normal position on the flight home is ever so slow.

Please assist ?

The last flights that I see in our logs you were on a much older version of the app. Can you fly again on 2.54.0?

I am currently on ver 2.0.54.

I dont like to upgrade because I then come across more quirks that I have to work thru.

Flight logs dont appear to upload with this version either.

I’ll try and upgrade to 2.54.0 and refly.

Upgraded to 2.55.0 - 2.55.2 on Android. Had issues getting the mission to start - button being pushed was not recognised on first 4 attempts. Flight eventually started but the camera raised in exactly the same place on the flight. I cannot tell if the flight log has synced with DD or not.

Loaded DD onto Apple IPad Mini. Ver 2.55.0 - 2.55.1. Copied same flight and gave it a different name. Everything went smoothly - no camera raise halfway thru flight. Camera lifted as normal at the end of the flight - not the slow raise experienced on the android. Only issue I experienced was the camera picture view kept pausing and restarting on the flight home. Otherwise no issue.

It looks like both flights have uploaded to Airdata tho the android is reporting the incorrect airspeed.

So this leads me to believe the Ipad is the better platform for flights.

Ok, thanks for trying on latest version. We will investigate here to try to fix it.