No battery details in logs

There seems to be a recent issue where logs synced with Airdata and Dronelogbook do not contain any take off/landing capacity, nor do they actually seem to mention which battery was used.

Has anyone else noticed this? (IOS app and Phantom 4 Pro)

My only current work around is to plug the iPad in and use iTunes to grab the SDK logs from the drone deploy folder instead, then upload them manually.

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Had another flight today with the Phantom 4 Advanced instead this time - Same issue.

No battery details are showing in the log.

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Since it’s been a couple of weeks since you first posted this I would email to get more help. I’ll look, but this is a little out of my wheelhouse.

Hi @Vantage,

If you continue to experience this issue, feel free to reach out to and send us the flight details so we can look into the flight logs ourselves. Thanks!

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Hi Gavin,

Unfortunately i’m not a pro user so I’m guessing email support can’t help?

This is still happening even after a DD app update - has no one else had this issue that you’re aware of?

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Hi again - sorry to hear that. We have not really seen this issue amongst our user base. You may need to reach out to DJI Support for next steps.

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I doubt they’d care to help haha.

It’s only Drone Deploy logs synced straight to Airdata that seem to be affected o noticed yesterday. I downloaded one from the app and manually uploaded it and the battery data showed up… Strange.

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