Flight Data?

I’m using DroneDeploy for iOS. I recently had a Phantom 3 Advanced that seemed to drain it’s battery mid-flight over a heavily wooded area. I’m trying to access the flight logs from the website portal. However, it just seems to hang on “Loading Flight Data…” without showing any results. I was hoping to find the last reported location in an attempt to recover the drone. Does anyone know if this feature works as expected? I had an internet connection throughout the entire flight, so I’m hoping it was uploaded.

Sorry to hear about the battery issue. We are moving away from supporting the flight logs on dronedeploy.com. We have plans to move to a different system but it isn’t ready yet.


So we are unable to access flight logs at all? If the existing mechanism does not work (and I am having the same issues), how about a) turning it off and b) telling us other ways to access the data in the meantime.


That was basically the response I got. I don’t believe the battery drain had anything to do with their app. However, I incorrectly assumed it had some type of flight telemetry being recorded like most apps. After wandering through solid woods for about 2 hours guessing at the location, I’ve unfortunately had to write it off as a lost cause. Having the last known coordinates would have made my life much easier.