Flight Logs! Drone lost

Hoping someone here can help. I currently have a lost drone that I would very much like to find. Situation is identical to Drone lost and Airdata logs don't even show last flight, but I was using an iOS device. I know the data I need to find my drone is on my phone somewhere but DD support has been no help in getting access to the data. Does anyone know if I upgrade to an enterprise account and thus get access to the Flight Logs feature whether the app will show my last flight and thus give clues on the drone location?


I was able to find a way to access the airdata log files on my iPhone. I now have all the DJIFlightRecord…txt files in my possession. However they are binary files that I don’t know how to read. I see in the previous post that I should upload them to Airdata but don’t know how to do that.

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@MichaelL ,

Can you help this pilot?


Rob, through some digging I’ve been able to figure out everything for myself.

  1. Download an app called iMazing to access all the DroneDeploy files on my iPhone
  2. Grab the flight record .txt file. Which is stored by DroneDeploy, not DJI
  3. Upload the flight record to AirData

I’ve attached the flight record. I’m hoping your team can determine why the mode was changed to AutoLanding when it wasn’t at the Home location.

(Attachment DJIFlightRecord_2023-05-17_[11-27-34].txt is missing)

Hi Jason I was using an IOS device as well. I was able to manually load my flight legs to Airdata and find the flight. Have you been able to locate them on your phone yet?

Hi Carl, yes, it took some searching but found an app that would give me access to DD’s files on my phone. I uploaded the flight log to AirData which provided me with the last known position. Long story short, the drone is now back home. I’m hoping someone at DD will take a look at the log and determine why their app triggered an auto landing somewhere other than the home position.

Congrats on getting it back! Hopefully you get some answers from DD

You need an AirData account to view the BIN and you can get the rest off the iDevices through iTunes.

I have had this happen only one time when the battery reached critically low levels and triggered an immediate landing where it was at. The situation was a long return-to-home distance against a stiff headwind that the drone was unable to account for when calculating the return-to-home threshold. I think the battery was at 11% when it stopped returning and descended from 400’. Does this pattern match your flight logs?

…I uploaded the flight log to AirData which provided me with the last known position. Long story short, the drone is now back home…

Curious, as the log uploaded to AirData provided the last known position, did it not provide Battery data, Sensors (Signal error data), GPS & Compass data?

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Man, I feel your pain times two I have I have hundreds of hours of flight experience. I’ve done at least 100 waypoint missions and have managed to lose two drones in the past four days both while flying an automated waypoint mission for joan deploy considering I do these all the time I’m starting to wonder what the heck is going on because that’s two drones never returned within four days of each other.

I am so so unhappy as I know that it was not user error and it seems like the only other issue is that I’ve been seeing tons of interference warnings well I’ve been trying to find them

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You could say I’m a loyal customer, but this is really making me unhappy


Wow, that kind of loss should make all Drone Deploy app users nervous to say the least!
As a frequent flyer and DD automated map user reading this, I sure am.

I would you (and jasonsue) attach & post your flight log files on this message thread in a reply?
There has to be a DD User (or employee) reading this that could download and dissect the log to help determine what the issue was.

That would be extremely beneficial to us all.

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I’ll be using Maps Made Easy for my next few trips unfortunately - - - - I have a feeling that Drone Deploy will say that I’m just a personal user, and not really offer me any support unless I upgrade to ENTERPRISE.

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Hi all, sorry for being silent here for awhile. Had a trip to MT that involved very long days of flying. Here’s an update on this thread.

  1. Although I did retrieve my drone it is no longer operational. It ended up spending three nights out in the field, I don’t believe it rained during that time but something about the exposure killed it.
  2. My big problem with DD is that their support provided no help in how to get the log and interpret it to find the drone. A very simple support article on how to access it on my phone and submit to AirData likely would have saved my drone. Instead, I spent three days going back with someone that seemed very uninterested in my situation and then when he finally understood it he just directed me to DJI.
  3. I did upload the log for DD to look at and the same support person commented that the battery level dropped to a low enough level to trigger DJI’s auto land. That indeed could be possible since the Mavic 2 had been in the air for 27min but it doesn’t look to me that the log actually shows that.

    It appears to me that the drone had a deeper problem that was causing it to incorrectly report its remaining battery.

If any of you that understand how to dissect flight logs better than I do would like to take a look I’m happy to post it somewhere. From what I can tell DD is not responsible for the drone not coming back to the home position. Rather, there was a problem with the battery/drone that caused it to not properly report remaining battery capacity until it was too late. As I stated above, my unhappiness with DD is their total lack of support for helping me get the log so I could locate the drone so it didn’t spend three nights out in a field.

The lack of attention they gave to me seems to back up your feeling

As the author of this thread, I’d assume you could attach the flight log to a reply in this post…
A Mavic 2 battery having a 96% charge after 27 minutes in the air?? Those voltages aren’t jiving (way too high) for that battery after 27 minutes.

Post / attach the flight log to this thread. I’d like to take a look.
If unable, post them somewhere else and provide a link to the download location in this thread.

Completely agree. As I mentioned above, something seems to have been very wrong with my drone and/or battery so I don’t fault DD for it landing unexpectedly. The frustration is with the lack of support I got for helping me collect the data I needed to find it in a timely manner. Here’s a link to the flight log.


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Perhaps their lack of support was a perceived liability issue on their end??
Impossible to know the mindset of the DD employee that you emailed or spoke with at the time. Maybe the subject was beyond them on or was confused about the issued being discussed or presented. Who knows.
With a bit more research, you were able to retrieve the log.
That’s the past…
Were you able to determine if it was a hardware or software issue?
I did download and looked at the flight log via - https://www.phantomhelp.com/logviewer/
45 seconds into the flight, the battery voltage was 96% and MAINTAINED 96% for 27 minutes (when the flight terminated). Very slight average voltage per cell difference (4.15v to 4.11v) from beginning to end.
While on this mapping mission, did the flight time remaining change or stay the same?
Can only assume these parameters weren’t monitored by you during the flight.

Don_Wright_JR mentioned he’s an experienced user and lost TWO drones during automated missions (assume mapping) using the Drone Deploy (Flight) app also.

Hard to believe this thread hasn’t received more attention and the possible causes and/or solutions haven’t been discussed! These aren’t toy’s we’re launching in the air!!

Are you a paying customer or just a user of the flight app? What about you @jasonsue?

I’m just an app user

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